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   With the growing problem of drinking water pollution, more and more families choose to purchase for their families to purchase a home water purifier to solve the problem of drinking water at home.

   For most consumers, the water purification products for them or too strange. The face of numerous water purification concept on the market, thousands of water purifier brand, it is impossible to start powerless.

   So, the question is, "the face of the market a wide range of water purifier brand, the brand so many kinds of water purifier, how can I choose it?" Next, we will and we have a good talk about how to choose a good home water purifier!



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   First, look at health permits this document as well as after-sales service is perfect

   in accordance with the relevant provisions , production of water purifier manufacturers must obtain a health permit higher health supervision departments, and each brand and each model there is only a water purifier health permits batch.

   Similarly, a product is good or bad quality, credibility, depending on whether the service with the needs of consumers seeking high quality of life.

   When consumers buy products to try to choose the regular manufacturers of products, while at the time of the transaction in addition to ask for formal invoice, but also require manufacturers or vendors to issue specific shelf life warranty. Purchase, buy sale, buy is assured.

   Second, depending on the water quality to buy

   re-quality water purification products, if inconsistent with purified water, water purification effect will be greatly reduced, and it will not be a good product.

   and different water purification products, water purification technology and because of the different structure of the filter used in combination, were also in line with the use of different water quality, so consumers must analyze specific issues, according to their own region water quality, choose a suitable water purifier product categories. Explain here three cases!

   1, of high hardness and northern China southern regions limestone, lime water, a high content of magnesium ion, easy to scale, should be advanced with an optional purifier ion exchange resin filter cartridge.

   2, the chlorine-containing water, color odor heavier, higher organic content of city water, optional large amount of activated carbon home water purifier. becauseActivated carbon has a strong adsorption of water and chlorine, color smell, significant removal of organic matter.

   3, urban and rural areas for the water is turbid water purification should buy coarse filter, fine filter dual function of household water purifiers. For heavily contaminated water, it requires a thorough filter any impurities in the water, without heating direct consumption, should buy reverse osmosis water.

   Third, the installation position, size and mode

   Prior to selection, it should first determine a good location and installation of optional size, and allow some space should also be re-installed, so when choosing a relatively bottom, it can be good to avoid twists and turns decoration received.

   If it is renovated, so do not worry too much, then you can ask people to help on-site measurement locations, provide the installation position of the water purifier and opinions reference.

   Fourth, import or expensive 鈮?necessarily good

   believe that not only water purifier, many consumers have a consumer misunderstanding, that is imported stuff is good.

   here to note is that, in fact, a lot of unknown water purifier manufacturers under the banner name of imported brands, promote their own water purifier can heal, beauty, malicious raise prices, the consumer one thousand Wan to note that only function is to filter household water purifiers, and there is no need to select imported brands.

   In contrast, domestic water purifier water quality more in line with China. Of course, we can not blindly choose low-cost purchase of a water purifier will depend on product quality and after-sales. Penny, for a half truth will never change, water purifier on the market price between 1000-5000 yuan, suggest that you compromise choice.

   Fifth, the multi-filter water purification effect is good does not mean

   water purifier this thing though is a hardware product, but in the water purifier filter is just a generic term, there are seven major categories filter -8 species.

   different types of filter price, performance, emphasis has great difference. This also led to many of todays water purifier sales staff often holding a water purification filters and more as a gimmick to mislead consumers, increase the cost of consumer maintenance.

   Therefore, we must pay attention to the consumer trap. Always bear in mind when choosing a multi-water purifier filter water purifiers, water purifiers can not represent that this is good.

   here, I simply sayThe method of selection of what water filter: the filter at the Core, mainly divided into two kinds, an ultrafiltration membrane, RO membrane, RO membrane filtration effect is greater than ultrafiltration, RO membranes have generally not necessary to machine the ultrafiltration membrane.

   I say that other types of filter. While others are of complementary hardware filter, PP cotton filter --- coarse filter (also more than ten dollars a retail), activated carbon adsorption odor filter ---- enhance the taste, KDF filter --- adsorption of heavy metal, so general water purifier filter top root 4-5 days, 7-8 root filter products are gimmicks. And there is nothing practical.

   Six, not even update the filter that matter

   Many consumers feel that filter replacement is a very troublesome thing, you want to once and for all, a lot of water purifier sales staff to seize the consumer this psychology, said his brand of water purifier filter can not change, or 1 - 2 years only needs to be replaced, should pay attention to, these are extremely unprofessional and irresponsible remarks.

   water purifier filter is a filter trapping of harmful substances, a long time must be blocked or performance degradation. Also various types of water purification cartridge is not fixed in time, such as poor water quality of the region, the first filter stage PP Mian 3 months need to be replaced, the replacement cycle specific, and water, have a frequency relationship.

   Here Xiaobian something to say, if you do not bother to replace the water purifier filter, water purifier so why buy it? After all, with a long water purifiers same can not purify water. This is not in addition to their own health to do it?

   Read the above description, I believe everyone to buy water purifiers have a certain understanding. Well! Quickly for your home purchase on a home water purifier it!

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