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   "Previously, we usually get home from work to drink water are used to buy bottled water, but bottled water is not only higher prices, to carry water into the room too much, but a lot of plastic bottles for environmental pollution. Now, V territory as after the apartment is equipped with water purification equipment, we can safely and easily drink healthy drinking water, greatly enhance the quality of life while protecting the environment, this approach is very worthy. "Speaking of drinking water equipment assigned to long-term lease when the apartment brought to life change, V territory tenants Xiao Jiang said.

   Recently, the Chinese high-end smart healthy drinking water pioneer Shanghai Park Road water sinks Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Park Road water sink" under) and WeiLingDi maker culture Space Operations Management Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "V territory ") entered into a strategic cooperation, pilot healthy drinking water faucet and net stationed V territory apartment. Through this partnership, V territory became the first large-scale introduction of healthy drinking water brand of long-term lease apartments.



Park Road, director of marketing water sinks brand Wu-fold diluted (left) and Xue Shi Group, Deputy Director V Territory Youth Community Operations Center Director, Office of signing

   V territory CEO Zhou Junjiang representation tenant carry water into the room, is not uncommon in daily life scenes, especially women tenants for tenants, is not only a physical work, sometimes because his hand bags and other items while running around in circles. The V territory in collaboration with the Department of Water Park Road, will work together to address this pain point, continue to enhance the quality of life and experience the tenant, as well as to further enhance the quality of service territory V core competitiveness.


   It is reported that, as a long-term lease apartment industry business models, V territory of "young people to live better," the mission, development and construction of many modern, large-scale high-quality complex life of the community. Previously, V territory has been done in the apartment space, intelligent infrastructure, social and other upgrades, the introduction of Park Road water sinks healthy drinking water equipment, will create more green and healthy, intelligent, humane living environment renters.

   Park Road water sinks founder and CEO Ma Ying Jun strategic signing ceremony, the two sides, "said Park Road water sinks uphold the people who enjoy healthy water every day concept, through this partnership we hope to bring together their strengths, jointly boost long-term lease apartments green upgrade the quality of drinking water. "

   It is reported that the two sides this cooperationThe first pilot project for the V territory of Shanghai Jin Yu Road, Jinqiao two new communities, has been phasing out the Pudao Long head water purifier and drinking water purifier kitchen BARS into the pilot room and put into use. Follow-up, Park Road water exchange will also introduce more leading water treatment technology and the concept of healthy drinking water for the V territory, the next will provide healthy drinking water service territory of 20 000 V room and let live in an apartment tenant drink safety , health, rest assured that the drinking water.


   has become a strategic partner of V territory, thanks to Park Road water sinks leading provider of intelligent solutions for water purification. As Chinas leading high-end intelligent operation and maintenance of drinking water health service providers, the pioneers of the concept of healthy water, water sinks Park Road leading international DPM patented water purification technology, its unique nano-filtration membrane capable of filtering out with minerals and trace elements healthy drinking water. In addition, Park Road water was sinks intelligent network cloud platform, intelligent monitoring can be carried out 360 掳 to water purification equipment. In addition, Park Road water sinks timely initiative to provide customers with filter replacement and equipment maintenance services.

   It is worth mentioning that, since 2019, the Department of Park Road water has reached a strategic cooperation with a number of companies and institutions, we can say the rapid development into the fast lane. In July this year, Park Road water sinks formally become Swedens high-end mineral water and sparkling water brand in mainland China Nordaq exclusive agents, while China Hotel Association approved as the first batch of certified "green room" contracting suppliers. So far, Park Road water purification exchange has provided customized solutions and sustained proactive intelligence operation and maintenance services for Apple China, Huawei, Ping An Group, and other well-known enterprises and treasure Ritz-Carlton, Hyatt and many other high-end hotels.

   Insiders pointed out that the water sinks to Park Road "healthy drinking water" into the V domain of life quality of service standards, is expected to promote "healthy drinking water" has become an essential consideration in selecting tenants long-term lease apartment brand, promote the entire industry long-term lease apartment drinking green upgrade.

   (Source: water industry brand alliances - public number, invasion deleted)

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