Titan Daxing county water district sent Huangju Min flustere

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  Titan Daxing county water district sent Huangju Min flustered Author: Tim net water purification Views: 1196 Published: 2014-8-29 11:34:38 鈥嬧€?Our water district, will be made once or twice a month disease become yellow, as well as shares faint smell ...... "Titan, who lives in the western suburbs of Xian Mr. Zhang Daxing County district yesterday complained to the newspaper, he stayed in the area since a year and a half, will meet every month," Huang tap water "problem, every time a complaint to the property, but it is still the case. Mr. Zhang live Titan Taehung County Building 11 Unit cell. Yesterday morning, when reporters came to his house, the house has gathered a lot of owners, Building 2, Building 3 has, turned out that Mr. Zhang to help the media, and many owners have come to complain. Mr. Zhang said that in March 2013 after his arrival, suddenly one day when cooking vegetables, found the water was yellow. At that time he did not care, but after a month, there will be one or two in such a situation, but every time thirty-four hours continued, "yellow water" will change back to "nature", which makes him somewhat surprised. "Sometimes pale yellow, sometimes very yellow, sometimes even water are some sticky, we are afraid to use such water. Last night (the 27th) I am ready to vegetables, but also the emergence of this problem, and finally rice did not make, for fear harmful to the body. "Mr. Zhang said. Who lives in the district, Building 2, Han said, sometimes there are water stocks smell, taste a bit like a diesel. Ms. Lee, who lives in Building 3, said earlier she washed clothes, the result of a few pieces of white clothes all become "earth tones", with 84 disinfectant such as bleach can not. Owners say they have repeatedly alone or together with other owners, complained to the residential property sector, but each time the property will give them two answers, one is the investigation of the pipeline, one is to clean up "the tank." But each time not solve the fundamental problem, which makes them somewhat distressed. Yesterday morning at 10 oclock, Mr. Chang try to call the water company, the staff on the phone to his answer is: only for the main pipeline to the water area, water quality is certainly no problem. Water yellow recommend Mr. Zhang to find property company to resolve. Xian property company deputy general manager of Mr. Wu told reporters: "Daxing District and Hongmiaopo area, water in many areas has the same yellow, nor is it a community we have this problemWe This is a new residential development, pipe network is new. The emergence of this situation, we have contacted the water company on-site inspection, and finally suggested that we install a drain valve at the end of the pipe network, used to improve circulation problems, in order to improve the situation of water yellow. August 27, we have seven colors in the town tannoy installation of drain valve, a period of observation to see if there are results, we will be installed in the area of 鈥嬧€媝roblems. "Why Sometimes the tap water is released buff? Reporters yesterday consulted the Xian water company. Staff said, probably pipeline, leading to use too long, because the inner wall and rust deposits or due to secondary clean water supply facilities is not timely due. in addition, changes in water flow caused by pipeline construction, will change the color of water. open the faucet while the water discharge under normal circumstances, this phenomenon will disappear, people are advised pipeline early morning or long-term disabled, to put a place to drink stagnant water again. in the case of secondary water users, it is necessary to draw attention to regularly remind the community supervision and management personnel in a timely manner to clean secondary water supply facilities to ensure good water quality.

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