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   home water purifier has been in China for many years, but coverage has been low. Why this phenomenon

   First of all, look at the penetration in the countries of water purifiers:? Water purifier penetration in countries 1. The United States 90%, Europe 90% 2, 3 Japan 80. % 4. South Korea 95%, 5. China is only 5%. In developed European countries, a lot of people use home water purifier, coverage reached 90%, while only 5% in China. This is how it happened

   now look at current water quality:? WHO related survey showed that 80 percent of the worlds disease and 50% of child deaths are related to poor drinking water quality. Due to water pollution, there are 50 million child deaths worldwide each year, 35 million people suffering from cardiovascular disease, 70 million people suffering from gallstone disease, 90 million people have hepatitis, 30 million people died of liver cancer and stomach cancer, unhealthy drinking water as warm boiled frog-like. So many families start using the water purifier to solve the drinking water problem.

   we can analyze the reasons for the low penetration rate based on the status quo of China water purifier market:

   1 drinking habits differentiation

   European and American developed countries, the number of years of habit is a direct drink unboiled water, while the Chinese tradition to drink boiled water. Market research found that customers come you give him a glass of purified water, basically less likely to drink, for the simple reason that you do not trust the water, if it is a cup of water or a cup of tea, then there would be no problem a.

   2. The shortage of consumer awareness

   Although there are more and more people are concerned about water purification equipment, but on the whole, people overall consumer awareness of water purification products, there are still periodic shortage. One industry source said that the current situation is similar to water purifier dozen years ago, air conditioners and other products, we are also accustomed to fans no one wants to buy air conditioning.

   3. The product variety on the market

   the right to buy a water purifier is not easy to promote a variety of businesses, "pure water", "ecological water" "activated water", "energy water" ...... do not know where to start. In addition to product tricks, water purifier brand is a dime a dozen. Different water purifier brand price differences, there are water purifiers production of a variety of materials, the price difference is very large, consumers do not recognize the merits.

   4. Purification Technology relatively backward

   Although my countrys water purifier manufacturers has exceeded 3000, but most of the technical development of enterprises is relatively backward, truly independent research and development capability to fully master the core technology of manufacturing enterprises too little. And some foreign brand water purifiers domestic water purification technology has surpassed 30 years of high technology, so that domestic manufacturers to catch up.

   5. The prevalence of counterfeit goods and buy very troubled

   At present, the water purifier enterprises have more than 3000, but holders of the relevant approvals of the Ministry of Health water purifier business is only about 1200, this leads to price and quality on the market water purifier uneven. Some small businesses lack the strength of the introduction of new technology, but the lack of capacity of independent innovation, but imitation capability is very strong, so that the proliferation of counterfeit products on the market, shoddy, deceptive phenomenon in the industry.

   6. The lack of after-sales service

   because the service is not in place, but also to some consumers for water purifiers prohibitive. Water purifier is a kind of after-sales service in order to use relatively high demand products, to buy water purifier like to buy air conditioners, must be installed after other professionals. For water purifier, in addition to installation, regular filter replacement service is difficult.

   7. professionalism of employees is not high

   part of the water purifier practitioners difficult objective and comprehensive understanding of the industry, we can not master a variety of resources to successfully open the door industry, wealth, capacity and so on, but can not effectively guide consumers to purchase awareness and purchasing behavior, can only take the initiative to buy water purifier in 5% of the consumer market struggled, life and death, are used in all the wisdom of opponents rather than against a bigger industry.

   8. The product problems, lodge complaints

   water purifier water leakage is a big pain in the consumers mind, the water purifier business trip a few days to see someone complaining about back home is the floor bubble, furniture flooded find manufacturers for compensation, but the manufacturers will pass the buck, even if the compensation is symbolic of the lost money, can not solve the difficulties encountered by the consumer, consumers really have nowhere to appeal injustice. I have to say this, but also a lot of people on the water purifier prohibitive.

   Although the water purifier penetration rate is not high, but it does not mean useless, on the contrary, as we strengthen awareness of healthy drinking water, we are increasingly aware of its importance. Install a water filter to avoid their bodies became natural "water purifier", andAvoid unclean water aggravate the burden of the body organs, affecting their health.

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