Water purification products urgent need to enhance secity an

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   April 19, 2018 Third China water purifier brand summit in Beijing. The meeting to "go all out, energy efficiency first" as its theme, the meeting focused water purifier brand development strategy, and discuss the future development of the brand.

   At the meeting, China Business News chairman Xu ship said that in 2018 the development of water purifier face the challenge of implementation of the new national standard for the industry to have new opportunities. Among the future course of the Chinese business newspaper not only to the health and safety of consumers to choose water purification products, but also resolutely resist the low-quality, no sale, no approval documents and other enterprises, escort for the development of water purification industry, so that more spending by safe drinking water.

   The conference theme is "go all out, energy efficiency is the first." In fact, I want to make a high-quality water purifiers, at least while meeting safety and energy saving two indicators.

   water purifier is related to drinking water safety of human health products, water purifiers and therefore we must first ensure product quality and safety, so as to achieve water security. In this regard, China Electronics Energy Saving Technology Association executive vice president Zhang Enhui introduced, electronics and hazardous substances management approach on July 1, 2017 began to implement the provisions of the implementation is to control and reduce the waste electrical and electronic goods on the environment pollution, electrical and electronic industry to promote cleaner production and comprehensive utilization of resources, encourage green consumption, protect the environment and human health and the development of regulations. As a water purifier to bring healthy products, in this regard it should be safe and reasonable way to use within the specified range.


   in energy efficiency, in November 2017, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, National Standards Commission officially launched the GB34914-2017 "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency limit value and water efficiency rating of "national standards. In this regard, China Quality Certification Center product certification minister and two water-saving certification project leader Wang Hongyuan water use efficiency labeling for the interpretation and noted that the future authorities will implement water efficiency labeling for water purification according to the standards, enterprises paste water efficiency labeling, declaration of reverse osmosis water purifier water main and water efficiency rating indicators, market and customer acceptance supervision. In addition, Yang Meng, deputy director of the China Electronics Standardization Institute points out, more and more companies began to consciously the concept of green development throughout the whole process of industrial production, and willing to invest in green products.

   In addition, at the meeting, China Daily Research Institute also released"2018 China water purifier industry research report." The report shows that the water industry slowdown, but water pollution, water supply pipes old phenomenon still exists, water safety of residents is still subject to varying degrees of threat. Concomitant increase spending power of Chinese residents, health-conscious awakening, the water industry is still optimistic about the future development. But with the development of water purification industry, national standards to enhance competition among water purifier enterprises will become increasingly fierce. Brand strength and professional brand market rising further occupied the top of the demand curve; low-quality, low price and perfect after-sales service and other enterprises gradually be eliminated. Currently about 10% of companies closed down or forced to change jobs every year.

   (Source: "BEIJING")

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