[Warning] appliances are not that many new outledealers doob

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   HC purification Network now the so-called new outlet in the home appliance market, but some market speculators flicker, to deceive the guise of manufacturers. Current market, where there are so many new outlets, new business opportunities, but a foot on the ground, step by step pay.

   power of ice from the air wash, electric kitchen, small appliances to water purifiers, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and even fruits and vegetables, automatic cooking machine, new fan ......

   from open shop Taobao Jingdong , household electrical appliance enterprises are micro-micro-business shop, to live online sellers, community marketing, marketing circle of friends, fans and even members of management ......

   the past two years, the rapid rush of Chinese home appliance industry for 30 years, suddenly slow down, and was considered to be all practitioners entered a new round of adjustment. Some people say that this is the shift of; Some people say that this is mature; others say that this is growing pains; regardless of the outcome, for many people, home appliances, "you have to get", it must rely on a a home appliance sell to earn a living.

   However, as the market slow down household appliances industry, the business slowdown, consumer downturn, all kinds of strange things will emerge in the first-line market, the most remembered thing is many home appliance manufacturers in order to find the transition road, some are on when, some pay "tuition fees" and even walked a lot of detours.

   In view of home appliances circle, appliance manufacturers for the past few years, the industry file conversion, transformation process, encountered the biggest "lie" is a new outlet: Its not just include the category of new traps outlet, or many household appliances marketing model change new outlet trap.

   First of all, the so-called all kinds of new classes, new marketing outlet, but for now, over the past 10 years, it has emerged, has been on the market there is no way to detonate the old products, old tools, essentially " a new name. " At that time these products, marketing, market penetration and landing can not use both Chinese family life consumption habits, but also the lack of mainstream manufacturers market promotion efforts, more or products are not suitable for most Chinese families just to be, and is not suitable for marketing most businesses use.

   For example, now the marketing community, fans economy is past member of management, essentially business users. The only member of the exchange line under the past, into a line of micro-channel group, past user changed a fan of the new name of the first. However, for the business community to promote economic marketing and fans, one requires body mass, sufficient scale; the second is to require continued investment, slow output; the short term, does not apply to a variety of eager sellers appliance dealers , long-term investment but also consider some vendors can accept.

   Second, the nature of the new outlet is not new economy, a new model, but a new concept, a new hype, new packaging. To be the most straightforward case, some of the home appliance industry speculators, is the use of the new outlet to flicker, to deceive the market and businesses. Whether traditional economic times, or the Internet economy era, the last 20 years, since 10 years, appliance manufacturers business model without any fundamental changes, all rely on selling things to make money. Some sell hardware products, some sell service products, while others are selling virtual goods. No product, only empty words, cliches, how could profit money?

   For example, over the years, most intuitive wave of the Internet appliance industry experience, from millet television, millet air conditioning, to the full set of appliances, the first fundamental or hardware of its business model profitable; followed by the content, services, sell advertising and other earnings. Similarly, Haier wisdom home all these years, to explore and promote the core changes, in essence, is to promote the profitability of home appliances from a single product to a full set of appliances, home delivery of earnings, then the hardware is based on a large basis, and then explore profitable content and services. Obviously, leaving tangible products and intangible services, any innovation is Bluff.

   Therefore, at this moment, for many household electrical appliance enterprises in the market, as well as dealers, body single Li Bo, limited financial resources, can not afford to toss, and the pig was ever achieved on the outlet, and the era of beach-goers . As long as keep pace with changing times and embarked on a new wave of development, not left behind on the line.


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