Terminal requirements into the developme diction of thwater

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   Today, our industry has entered a "small minority" of the era, with strong consumer demand for personalized products. The water purifier brand after another, homogenization increasingly prominent, and the difference is narrowing, so that enterprises in the water purifier market competition has intensified the situation, resulting in the loss of tourists.




direction of development of the terminal needs to brand water purifier enterprises need to pay attention to the individual needs (Photo from Internet)

   personality, private or as a "water purifier bashing"

   in this era of anything to talk about personality, it is difficult to blindly rely on popularity to meet customer demand, but also hinder sustainable development has become a certain brand. In this case, the brand wanted to cater to most peoples appetite has become difficult.

   terminal needs to brand development of the market

   Recently, the brand customization quietly become a common practice, the star attended the event, the brand no longer fight, the fight is customizable. Recently, Xiao Bian building materials into the mall, I saw posted "private enjoy customized" on the wooden cube water purifier cabinet. Toilet sizes, but also determines its products are increasingly demanding private customized to meet end-market demand is an important foundation for brand development of the market.

   quality is not covered logo but self speak

   to personalized products to meet the needs of some consumers. A small minority, it is becoming a new concept of consumption. It is increasingly felt: quality is not covered logo, but a fit of self-personality.

   channel segments product segments

   The rapid development of the Internet, so that people become diversified shopping channels, but also allows traditional marketing methods become decentralized, many traditional sales market is diversion, marketing channels is weakened. It is precisely this weakening, promote market segments. Marketing decentralized so that some brands out of the market, but also to be able to use personalized brand to find new business opportunities based on the market. A distinctive feature of win, with a unique personality gained self development.

   has not only products but the art

   Today has been a sellers market into a buyers market, consumer demand for commodities has not only satisfied if a brand name, is more We are concerned about the brand personality, whether for self-taste. The eyes of consumers to be "harsh", not, The brand did not style, will make your customers less and less, and have a style, so you have only part of the customer.

   Throughout the foreign brand development, brand targeting a certain part of the population, with the rich features of the brand to attract customers, take the personality route, not on price. So as to ensure stable customer while developing new customers.

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