Water industry is nowncreasingly fierce price war polarizati

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   once, relying on price, advertising, personnel push a lot of water purification companies are occupied share of the home market, invincible. But with the rapid development of economy, the devaluation of the yuan outside, resulting in the rising raw material and labor, product homogeneity and more serious, began to rise continued investment in marketing policy, increasingly fierce price war.


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   excess number of enterprises, leading to the development of new markets has become increasingly difficult, independent shops, self-employed large stores, e-commerce, community stores and other new channels have begun to expose their deficiencies. Many export companies, are turning to the domestic export, the focus began to sink to the three markets, continue to erode the market share of the three.

   water industry explosive growth has become history, the entire industry will also benefit from growing into maturity. Imitation, copying the marketing on simple products can not meet the current competitive situation.

   water purifier brand polarization

   affected by the economic environment, water purifier market in the past year has shown a different shift, on the one hand, some of the strongest brands in the struggle to continue to attack City treetop, national expansion, market share, access to development opportunities; on the other hand, some of the weak anti-risk ability of brand development stagnated or even regressed, some facing financial difficulties, business distress, Jiyu collapse.

   a small water purifier brand torment spent

   In an increasingly competitive market today, the water industry is undergoing a reshuffle, many small brands are great brands of extrusion, is gradually being swallowed a lot of water purification companies are in the dying stages. Many industry experts when talking about the 2017 development trend of the market, are not optimistic attitude. Moreover he pointed out that this year will be the most important year, can only survive rainbow. Perhaps this years water industry on the road ahead is full of thorns, it is likely there will be a decline of 10%, even 20%, in the process of suffering, some smaller brands will not resist the pressure, eventually eliminated by the market; the only big brands continue to enhance their ability to resist risks, in order to successfully keep out the cold.

   water purifier brand strength strong expansion

   In order to grab more market share and increase their competitive power and exposure, "shop" has become a major strength of the water purification business killer. Regardless of how changes in the external economic environment, intense, water purification CityField will not be too disruptive change, after all, still the main rigid demand. As long as corporate profits are made, the brand will have room for expansion, although the water industry expansion is faster, but generally still healthy development trend. Weak brand continues to weaken, while the strength of the brand is still strong expansion in attracting more consumers out of money, but also make their own brand performance steadily rising.

   this year, water purifier market polarization of the situation will be more thorough. A consumer survey showed that nearly 70% of consumers are willing to choose well-known brand strength, an important reason is the strength of the brand is not only strictly control product quality, and establish a sound service system, for post-installation product has unique processes and technology to help customers achieve a better home wishes. And while the big brands by leaps and bounds, some small water purification companies are shrinking along with channels, shortage of funds, declining sales and other factors in trouble, business worrying. But no matter how differentiation, as long as it is good for consumers, that is good.

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