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to create an atmosphere of water purifier sales with other products is the same, that is, by the arrangement of materials, promotional items / gifts display performance, sound propagation, staff image building, promotional, interactive activities exhibited strong sales atmosphere, but also it must have a strong visual traction: consumers in line with what purpose over, their eyes will stay where details are terminal promotional atmosphere must be of concern.

   a promotion, you can not have done Quanchengzuidi industry lowest price, you can not spend a lot of money to do media advertising, but the atmosphere of the activities must be fully manifested in and outside the store, the customer can bring strong visual impact. How to create a promotional atmosphere, top ten water purifier brand - pure water industry is still based on years of in-depth marketing experience concludes that "five steps to create a home water purifier promotional atmosphere" for the majority of dealers for reference to:

   [ 123] First, the sales staff to shape the image of

   shopping guide staff wear uniforms, are only responsible for exaggeration can be personalized Funny dress up in terms of the image of publicity when necessary personnel; distribution staff to know how to find out which potential customers, not at liberty to release waste of promotional costs; terminal executives must really understand the content of activities, play the role of good for the customer sales consultant.

   The second is to increase the use of the product Duitou site impact

   mall knows that, if the mall activities like sweepstakes, prizes will be made Duitou eye-catching display at the mall the entrance into the mall so that consumers can feel great prizes temptation. Another example is in the hallway next to the elevator or the mall or you can see rows of neatly arranged piles of products and even product packaging, which is "Duitou"! When do community water purification products exhibition, a live demonstration of the product can help empty carton packaging, Duitou made at the event.

   Third, through effective customer experience in order to promote the purchase of

   experience is an important means of water purification products sales reached. In marketing activities in the community, must not trouble, all the props you want to experience the franchise stores use up all the exhibitions in the district live, demonstrator through live demonstrations and even physical product purification process and results, reflect the function of water purification products and value.

   In order to achieve the best results of the exhibition, the best production of special activities demonstrates station (in the latter part of the marketing activitiesThey can be used. ), The use of physical products (water purification machine host + line) made of water purification systems, simulate real household usage scenarios, on-site exhibition drinking water to solve the problem. This site experience effect, no matter how language is expressed not come out, and water purification products so that consumers have a more clear understanding, which produce a pleasant shopping Lenovo, which is to reach sales of great help.

   Fourth, the proper use of props, so that consumers understand the need to buy water purifier

   If the front of the machine or through the demonstration effect of physical purification and water purification products, product demonstrations, is reminds consumers that the quality of healthy life needs water purifier. Then, through the electrolyzer, TDS test pen, PH test strips and reagents, miniature PP cotton filter and other props scene to do water quality testing, the kind of shock and intimidation effect, which is warning consumers for the health of you and your family, you must purchase the net water heater.

   There is little improved, is in the presentation, if conditions allow, ask the customer to do the presentation of your own home water, dispel suspicion of fraud customers that demonstrate, with absolutely convincing: even a live demonstration of tea, allow consumers to compare different taste.

   Fifth, site promotion organization is also important, good organization, the scene chaotic atmosphere not affect promotion that will affect the brand image.

   In addition to good order maintenance, the scene of a very important point is to according to the situation, grasp the rhythm of the scene and publicity, the "cold market" contingency plans flexibly atmosphere "hot and cold" adjust.

   remind you: to create a means of more than five terminal sales environment are complementary. Some promotional create an atmosphere of failure, the final analysis, made a mistake favoritism, no serious implementation in place.

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