Some drink water every day morning and yang

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   drinking water can be bowel yin and yang, beauty, this is an open secret that many female friends all like to drink, every morning a few good drinking water yin and yang? The following Xiaobian to tell about it to everyone.




drinking water yin and yang of the body harmful? We generally drink bottled water, the treated, clean water directly to drink boiled water and mix into the water yin and yang, there is no proof of harmful drinking, they can even help clean the intestinal tract, play a detoxification the effect, then every morning a few good drinking water yin and yang?


about the yin and yang of water do not know how many readers are aware of the so-called yin and yang water is actually a super majority of cold water and then against the boil a little boiling water together. It is usually 5 to 1 ratio. In this case, the general cold water and boiling water in a certain period of time is not mixed, the surface of the layer of hot water is called Yin and Yang. The following Xiaobian together to learn something about yin and yang water method can clean up the stomach.


First, water yin and yang side bowel: cool


The water overnight and then two liters of boiling hot water + two half-two liters of salt + (Serve shake).


1. Why use cold water overnight it? Because water is the spirit of heaven and earth was the source of life, which is inherently ready ability to absorb and store energy in the universe.


2, for the Earth, the sun rises for the day after, as "positive", after the sun goes down for the night, as "overcast." Boil water in a cool place after one night, the night will absorb world aura and restore its "negative" vitality, body conditioning can all "positive" disease.


3, and boiling hot water for the "yang" water, modulating body can all "negative" disease.


4, namely "Book" said "yin and yang of that road" also. Salt is all there is clean, sterilization, disinfection, detoxification and other functions.


5. salt to melt the hard stool, the eradication of intestinal bacteria, purify the belly of toxins to restore balance to the bodys yin and yang with the "yin and yang of water", the balance of the virtual fire stomach, intestinal flushing the stool.


Second, administration method:


1, 5 to 7 oclock in the morning, within an hour the salt of 4 to 6 bottles of "yin and yang water" big mouth two to three minutes finished drink.


2, intervalBetween naturally standing, with knees shake up and down the center of the body.


3, 5 to 7 oclock why drinking "water yin and yang."


4, human blood line Maoshi large intestine, large intestine at this time it is also the best absorption.


5, why should not the big mouth and drink small mouth to drink? Sips of water due to the slow flow, the water will be from the stomach to digest the urine.


6, due to the large mouth water Fast Flow, will direct the water into the intestines intestinal cleansing, decomposition stool. After drinking the shake up and down the body, it is to increase the large intestine peristalsis and defecation as quickly as possible.


household drinking water Tips: Drink water to drink less, which sugar and protein, drinking will reduce the appetite affect digestion and absorption; carbonated drinks destroy tooth enamel, causing tooth decay, also cause obesity. While away from electrolysis of water, "electrolytic water" is obtained by electrolysis, water is decomposed into "cationic water" and "anionic water" (for sterilization). This is a medical water, not drink to normal.




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