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   More recently, knowledge on water purification materials business on the Internet set off heat. In many people still do not know when the water purifier knowledge, ideas advanced in the region has a healthy outlook passed to the next generation of clean water. There is a saying, the future of the planet after all the children. In addition we deliver advanced water purification concept to them, but also should start now, the purchase of a water purifier, to defend the health of children and their families. In all of the water purifier, to ensure water security is the whole house water purification equipment from all aspects, and the whole house water purification is an important direction of development of my countrys water industry.


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   in the first-tier cities, whole house water purification devices have become a lot of home decoration standard. Survey shows that in recent years, whole house water purification equipment sales rising to become the new darling of consumer appliances industry, almost as kitchen and bath products will become the peoples buy list.

   Unlike the use of a single water purifier, whole house water purification apparatus generally comprises four sections. First, the pre-filter installed in the water mains, the impurities in the water can remove large particles, the initial realization of home filtration whole house water quality. The second part is the central unit, to purify the whole house water treatment, effectively remove chlorine, heavy metals (e.g. lead, mercury, arsenic, chromium, etc.), bacteria and impurities, rust, silt, and various organic chemicals, after filtering the water is clear, to prevent the bacteria invade the body. The third part is a water softener, you can remove calcium and magnesium ions, to soften water, to prevent fouling and clogging pipes causing equipment damage, provide a more comfortable living water. The last part is to drink straight or pure water, the water quality is higher than the national drinking water standards, provide excellent home drinking water.

   the whole house water purification equipment to provide comprehensive protection to domestic water, which means when selecting whole house water purification equipment, be sure to choose high-quality products. You can buy with reference to the following standards.


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   to see the efficiency of water purification products is stable

   The vast majority of water purification products are available in the market to take grade filtration, water purification efficiency basically from 50% -95% -20% 15% -0- negative parabolic curve, and then repeat the cycle process. Why water purification efficiency stability would be a parabola? Full-house water purification, for example, just because a water purification products, water purification central parts need to adapt to the raw water environment, gradually increase the purification efficiencyMaximum, but with the growth in use of time, which in turn weakens purification capacity, wait until we lose the ability to purify replacement.

   to see the maintenance costs of water production and maintenance of frequencies

   and some water purification equipment market, the price is very cheap, but post-maintenance costs for consumers staggering, light maintenance necessary three to one year five times, doing maintenance costs more expensive than the purchase cost. And do not maintain it is not working, choose to continue the maintenance cost is a bottomless pit.

   to see whether the main trend of the future development of the

   intelligent, integrated home had boarded the stage of history, and after 80, 90 strong recognition and acceptance, and a good water purification products, must be in line with the mainstream of future development, imagine if the family of hydropower renovation has been installed, the basic 8--10 years will not be much change, but intelligent, integrated home 3--5 years also widespread rise become a trend, if not because of the choice of water purification products in line with the mainstream of the future, and finally only two outcomes: either high-quality whole house water purification can only envy a friends house or redecorating a huge cost. Therefore, the choice of water purification products must be long-term vision, not just for the sake of being cheap.

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