Water colorimetric detection mhod

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   water colorimetric detection method is what? How to detect the tap water color it, color and refers to what is it? Many users are not clear, the following small series for the next.




Haze: water containing clay, silt, fine organics, inorganics, plankton and other suspended solids and colloidal material can make the water turbid and showed some turbidity, water analysis predetermined: 1L of water containing turbidity 1mgSiO2 constituted by a standard turbidity units, referred to as 1 degree.


refers to the degree of turbidity occurring when the hindrance to light through the water suspension. Suspended solids typically mud, sand, fine organic and inorganic substances, plankton, microbes and colloidal substances. And the turbidity of the water content of the suspension substance is not only water, but also to their size, shape and refractive index and so on. Available turbidity measurement or turbidimetric light scattering method. Of the general turbidimetric method, the water sample and kaolin turbidity standard solution prepared is not high compared side, and a predetermined one liter of distilled water containing 1 mg of silica as a haze units. Different methods of measuring or using different standards, turbidity measurement values 鈥嬧€媜btained do not necessarily match. The level of turbidity is generally not directly explain the extent of water pollution, but human life caused by industrial and domestic sewage turbidity increase, indicating deterioration in water quality.


Turbidity may be measured by turbidimeter. Turbidimeter emits light to travel through the sample period, and detecting the incident light from a direction 90 掳 to how much light is scattered by particles in water. This scattered light measurement method called scattering. Any real turbidity must be measured in this way. Turbidity meter is suitable for both laboratory and field measurements in, but also for all-weather continuous monitoring. Turbidity meter may be provided, so that an alarm when the measured haze value exceeds safety standards.


by using the turbidity may be measured with a spectrophotometer or colorimeter degree of attenuation of the transmitted light intensity impediment caused by particulate matter in the sample is estimated. However, the authorities do not recognize the validity of this method, this method does not conform to the definition of the American Public Health Association turbidity.


Since the speed of the water quality is such that, if it shows if the water color rendering water quality problems, how to get us safely drink, how to drink tap water was safe at home? It is not to buy a home water purifierAfter the installation is better point?


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