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   plastic cups choice, we mainly to see its material, is now the most common materials, including plastic cups mainly PET material, PP material as well as PC material, and PS materials.




when we use plastic cups to drink water, will not help to observe the outer plastic cups, plastic cups when careful observation, we find that the bottom will be marked with a kind of triangular digital signs, equivalent to plastic ID cards by the recycling symbol that some numbers, and we can go to learn this material is safe to plastic cup in the end. Material type of plastic cups is more and more, how to distinguish between what was made of plastic cups a better arrangement? Below please professionals as we explain in detail.


we know plastic cup material mainly including PET, PP, PE, PC and other materials.


PET material made common in glass cup, high transparency, suitable for holding cold drinks, and other chain stores as Starbucks, additional PET bottles used for drinks such as Pepsi and water bottles commonly used plastic bottles i.e. the PET material is not suitable for hot water, the human body secretes substances harmful substances such as bisphenol-a.


PP material may be plastic cup containing boiling water, long-term use at room temperature, cold rupture; PP is not conducive to cleaning, if the tea is not recommended.


for disposable cups usually PE material, soft material, not heat, become soft when loading water, may cause long-term loading water to produce the plastic to decompose harmful substances.


PC long dress hot secrete a substance bisphenol A, affects the reproductive system, will lead to precocious puberty; foreign countries have banned the use of baby bottles PC material.


PS plastic cups typically used to hold the cold, like ice cream, there are also easy to produce high-temperature loading substance.


than we are introducing all of the different materials of plastic cups, plastic cups when using these, we mainly get to know its use, different materials are plastic cups there are differences in terms of use place, so I want to drink water, we can choose drink made of plastic cups, mainly choose PP material plastic cup, you can go hold water. Here to remind you, select the material better plastic cups, It will not cause some harm to the body, and the number of the triangle at the bottom of a plastic cup can also be done on behalf of other materials.




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