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   With economic development, progress, science and technology of growing water pollution, residential water security is a growing concern, the residents quality of drinking water have become more sophisticated, drinking water and health has become the focus of public attention and focus, while the water purification industry is rapidly growing, while domestic water purifier market penetration is not very high, but the water industry outlook impressive. Currently water industry What are the characteristics of it?

   First, the water purifier market stable, high-end trend obvious.

   with the consumption level of the water purifier market become more and more high-end. According to the monitoring under Orville cloud network (AVC) data lines, water purifier high-end (鈮?000 yuan) price segment share increased year by year, in the first 26 weeks of high-end share of more than 50%, while the average price of water industry is growing this year before 26 weeks average price reached 3877 yuan, an increase of 13.4%, the average price of 4690 yuan, foreign brands, an increase of 10.4%, the average price of domestic brands 3482 yuan, an increase of 14.7%.

   Second, the popularity of reverse osmosis technology, green manufacturing technology is the future trend of development.

   current water purifier market is divided into the technical aspects of reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, activated carbon, nanofiltration, etc., by the national "863" impact of reverse osmosis technology is becoming mainstream.

   According to Industrial Research Institute under the forward line data monitoring, reverse osmosis technology products increasing year by year, activated carbon products declined, this year 26 weeks before the reverse osmosis technology products accounted for nearly 90 percent, followed by ultrafiltration products and activated carbon products, share both less than 5%.

   but also to green water purifier manufacturing technology development at the same time the popularity of reverse osmosis technology, at present, green manufacturing technology has been included in the national science and technology "five" special plan.

   The goal is to make products from the design, manufacture, packaging, transportation, use to scrap the entire life cycle process, minimum, maximum resource utilization negative impact on the environment, and economic and social benefits coordination optimization. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, not the implementation of green manufacturing technology companies will be eliminated in market competition, the development of green manufacturing technology is imperative.

   Third, the product features moving large flux, long life, high-saving, intelligent direction.

   a small flux of water purification products prone to water flowSmall, large proportion of waste water, poor filtering effect and other issues, therefore, large flux, convenient, clean water, high-quality products to better meet customer needs. According to the monitoring under Orville cloud network (AVC) line data, large flux (鈮?00L) product development faster and showed an increasing trend, this year 26 weeks before the big flux (鈮?00L) products accounted for nearly 64% of small flux products the share is declining.

   intelligence as one of the breakthrough water purification industry. The entire appliance industry in promoting the intelligent, water purifiers are no exception. Intelligent water purifier mainly in remind consumers to replace the filter, water quality data collection, life service connections.

   Fourth, the channel sink.

   water purifier in the following three lines of urban and rural markets have been gradually recognized. my countrys rapid economic development impact of the natural environment to some extent, of which the most serious water pollution, the number of cancer villages rising is the best example. The following three urban resident population of more than 50% of the total population of the country, poor water conditions in this part, consumers are drinking more and more attention, water purifiers future will be healthy life essential electrical products.



   According to the monitoring data in the forward-looking Institute for Industrial Economics line, the third line up of urban and rural markets is higher than a second-tier cities, the following three lines of urban and rural market has great potential.

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