On clear spring water purifieinvestment big trap

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  Before a series describes how the interests of some unscrupulous agents manufacturers fraud. This time to talk, agents protecting the most critical articles profits, some manufacturers may compare with the strength, qualification is complete, factory strength can be, but still there are other agents to make bait trap, where there is an investment protection chapter.

   said, is to protect, and when many manufacturers of investment dealers are not protected, the core issue here is to repeat the investment. Maybe you learned manufacturers good in all aspects, but also all kind of strong, but we must also ask the question is there any protection policy, you want the agent position, there is no other agency, when you agents, other agents of hope it is also able to delegate it. This involves regional protection policies - reject duplicate investment.

   Ive seen many examples of repeated investment, in some places serious pollution, water purifier market is particularly good, so there are a lot of people find manufacturers, hoping to get set up here agents, manufacturers in order to continue to profit and revenue repeat Merchants and charge high initial fee, and agents finally found a great competition in that area, and finally can not go on.

   17 years focused clear spring water purification industry friends to remind the majority of the investment must be careful to avoid repeated investment, we must find regional protection policy and market support policies of the manufacturers.

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