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  Water purification agents need to look at what the strength of the manufacturers publish Web sites: www.watersz.com Published: 2018-08-17 water purifier development in recent years can be said to be very fast, a large number of water purification agents joined, the best way to fully understand a brand than site visits, cooperation in selecting water purifier manufacturers, do not smoke and mirrors to look at its essence during the visit, Xiao Bian reminder: Remember the following points you can not go wrong. First, inspect water purifier manufacturers strength after a lot of people understand water purifier manufacturers via the Internet, the factory decided to field trips, seeing is believing so-called hearsay is true, polish their own eyes see through the strength of its manufacturer, then enterprises showing the strength of nothing more than several steps: 1. industrial and commercial enterprises registered their qualifications check the website to see their companys products 2. R & D capability 3. look at the size of its agents nationwide, look at its inventory is adequate. Second, the study of human water purifier manufacturers to manufacturers of water purification after the company to see if they have a professional technical team, the investment team, and image marketing management team, in this regard can be from a range of standard images, ability, culture measure the size of their company in the market is the development plan, which can communicate with their companys agents, company personnel, the company leadership to discuss, to do the initial judgment based on the companys brand positioning, the system of after-sales service system. Third, inspect water purifier manufacturers profit margin product sales is not a water purifier manufacturers have the final say, do not be some low-cost water purifier brand to confuse, not to believe one of these machines can earn thousands profit carried away, so that dominated the original mind, calm judgment. Fourth, look at the concept of service and market measures whether manufacturers of water purification agents want long-term cooperation, water purifier brand will do their best to help dealers make money, not thinking to make money dealers, more agents will not be emptied, but to assist rapid sales agents to help agents find the right channels to do that is win-win cooperation with each other. 5 to see water purifier manufacturers qualifications are complete in water purification products and sales are required health permits relevant departments of the job, and Health this document must be on the official website of the Ministry of Health to verify, in the assessment of the manufacturers have to look at it whether they have the relevant certificates and honor, this is the most important, but also a symbol of the water purifier brand strength.

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