Water purification business in a proper way lived up to the

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   Today, as peoples living standards improved, especially to improve the quality of life needs, water purifier more and more loved by the people, the water purifier market has become increasingly broad, but on the water purifier market in practical terms, Chinas water purifier dealers still can not fully grasp the market very well, therefore, to study corporate business management, all of the water purifier dealers should be important.



   First, the need to improve the quality of dealers

   in the water purification industry, the majority of the franchisee to open a mom and pop, their lack of scientific management, operations has a strong randomness, and therefore difficult to stabilize sales. Once the sales do not increase, they will no doubt manufacturers policy in place, or lack of advertising support, but they do not look for gaps from their own.

   a good majority of stores are relying on the dealers ability, rather than simply relying on the manufacturers support. Excellent dealer must first learn advanced management concepts. Because a single factory support, the power is limited. Smart dealers are often the most hardworking factory training course students, but also the most active factor dealer circle.

   Second, the business tactics in order to live a wonderful

   how to run a water purifier store to make money? For that matter, ask a hundred people, there are one hundred kinds of answers. Traditional dealers are generally shopkeeper, if the store location is good, big brands, advertising and more, may be able to stick with it. But if they are not, the dealer how to do it? Obviously we want to increase number of people into the store, for most water purifier store, the more dealers need to go out to look for home improvement-related companies, into the community advocacy ...... by multi-channel marketing, marketing initiatives, is the key to success in a highly competitive market.

   Third, there is always a part of the sales mix and match to make money

   a dealer changed jobs to purifier, former agent did not give up. But better to mix them together. As long as customers in a single store, the dealer is always a way to allow customers to take away one or two of our products, so as to ensure profits.

   four or more modes yet to be explored

   As can be seen from the distribution model is not a need to respond flexibly to develop effective business strategies. Some dealers put products into high-margin products, take the amount of product, and several other product categories tactical operations, different timeImplementation situation of different products, so that even multi-brand complementary products; distributors to create their own image-based, brand marketing agency does not rely solely on the force, but monopoly to shape their own brand image, excellent product reputation, to explore multi-brand diversified operations ; there are dealers in a strong brand, brand positioning itself as the main service providers, can be found to meet the potential demand of consumers, provide value-added services to consumers for the high quality of services.

   different dealers, there are different methods of profit will, in short, dealers should be effectively integrated business model based on local market structure, consumption structure, their own is the most profitable.

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