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   concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, why actor Jianbin signed joy home where its charm, Victor invited to attend the second session of the House of Phoenix Nights Festival cum Anhui public network, Saul Division purifier to choose their own water purification equipment terminal etc. industry events one after another. Here, the Chinese water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (2.27-3.5) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   Why actor Jianbin signing home pleasure of its charm in which

   February 25, 2017, at home. Lay water purifier film star Chen Jianbin and officially signed in Beijing, officially took home Jianbin brand Ambassador pleasure and health ambassador. Jianbin 2006 with "Joe Courtyard" Joe Yong corner fame, after the "Three Kingdoms", "empresses in the palace." Surge in popularity. With 2014 he directed and acted in the film "a spoon" throne and crowned winner won Best New Director Award, but with "paradise in service" captured the best supporting actor award. Kinmen and Matsu become history, becoming the first Chinese actor won three awards ceremony in the same session. Flourishing career Jianbin advertising without rest, why he chose home pleasure? [Click for more]

   Victor family was invited to attend the second session of the Phoenix Nights Festival cum Anhui public network

   spread public philosophy, practice public value. February 25, 2017, the second session of the Phoenix Nights Anhui network public ceremony was held at the Holiday Inn Hefei crown. Phoenix co-president Chen Tong, editor in chief of Phoenix Zou Ming, vice president of Phoenix pools Xiaoyan big names went to the site and other media. In addition, Victor House as a caring business representatives and the partys sole supplier of gifts, but also invited the public with the national effort to public welfare, media colleagues to the scene to witness participation. Festival site generated 2016 annual Award for public interest groups, public figures Year 2016 Award, 2016 Annual Business Awards Virtue. Hundreds of nonprofit leaders and hundreds of Anhui political, business, academia, the media influential people gathered [Click for more]

   Saul Division purifier to choose their own water purification equipment terminal

   refers to many aspects of healthy drinking water, water quality, how much is healthy to drink every day. Thirst is the body slight dehydrationPerformance. Normal daily average volume of 2000-2500 ml water, raw materials can be oxidized in vivo 300 ml, it should be added daily 2200 ml of water, including the water content of the diet. Add water in summer day about 3000 ml, in order to meet human needs. Now many families are beginning to use water purification equipment, several brief: 1, PP cotton filter water purifier: is equipped with a variety of single cylinder PP cotton filter water purifier, the machine is generally low prices, but relatively easy to filter clogging, high frequency of replacement, the filter is not very high precision, this is generally used only for the initial filtered water. [Click for more]

   Lequan water purifiers and Postal Savings Bank of China joined forces to jointly push

   February 28, 2017, Le Quan water purification Group together with China Postal Savings jointly held on a regular basis deposit send Lequan water purifier new business. The event will be held on both sides as an important breakthrough "health saving deposit Cooperation Strategy" system. The future, the two sides will each play to their own advantages on the basis of this strong combination on consumers and strive to build a new healthy living experience. As Chinas Lequan intelligent water purifier leading brand, as early as 2011, the Groups Lequan to work together with the Post Bank of China, enhancing channel development and related marketing capabilities, taken significant steps to expand the production base for water purification, intelligent full swing of manufacturing, but also lay a solid foundation for this cooperation hand opening. [Click for more]

   Ho Chak water purifier awaken the masses to lead by example environmental awareness

   with a lot of exposure to climate disaster environment, people are deeply aware of, protect our living environment has been pressing the . As an enterprise, its ho-ho Chak Chak water purifier for the environmental representatives tried to arouse the whole society to participate in public welfare into the green. October 10, 2015, Ho Chak water purifier joint "Green River" organization initiated in the first quarter, "the China Water Voice" - giant guardian of the Yangtze River Water Purifier cum probe rafting the Yangtze River water quality monitoring, CCTV by "Newsweek" in heavy coverage and many well-known media attention, arouse awareness of environmental and ecological water thousands of people. Meanwhile, Ho Chak through the establishment of "Ho Chak water purification house", the establishment of "China Water Voice" volunteer team [Click for more]

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