Water purifiers wat withhi foam- It mighbe three reasons

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   After water purifier is installed as a white foam filter out of the water, the water purifier is not broken it? Experts said there is a water purifier installed after the white bubble is a normal phenomenon, it may be caused by the following reasons.




water purifier water with white foam? This could be for three reasons (picture from the network)

   a, the filtrate persist even measurable trace hydrophilizing agent

   In order to ensure that the water was filtered through the membrane capacity, filter showing the surface of the membrane must be hydrophilic properties, but the film matrix is 鈥嬧€媡ypically hydrophobic, hydrophilic and therefore require to be modified modifier. General hydrophilizing agents (protective solution) have some amphiphilic properties, the amphiphilic properties and facilitates the generation of a stable foam.

   In laymans terms, a bubble in a more stable necessarily reflect the fact: your filtrate persist even measure trace hydrophilic agent, and medical grade and food grade hydrophilic agent (protection liquid) on the human body without regard to basic, so do not worry.

   Second, a purely physical phenomenon

   When the pressurized water through the remote transport water pipe network water, under pressure, the gas existing in the network and atmospheric gases solubility in water is increased, a large amount was dissolved in tap water; and water entering the water pump through the device must also be pressurized to increase power, along with the water pressurizing pump, the water of dissolved gas and increases the pressure of the gas molecules become smaller, further increase the solubility.

   Since the pressure inside the system has always existed, the gas molecules can not be released, when this part of the water system, the pressure on the gas molecules suddenly disappears, so they become the expansion of the bubble we can visually observed, the amount of there will be plenty big gush tiny bubbles appear milky water body phenomena, and then gradually disappear. This is a normal phenomenon purely physical, it will not affect the drinking water.

   Third, tap "blushing"

   Since the water pump pumping process and local repair process a certain amount of intake air, under pressure dissolved in water very fine bubbles formed when pipes for transporting water, water pressure and flow rate changes, resulting in water flowing from the faucet water entrained large number of fine bubbles, the surface looks like a milk cloudy color, after standing a few seconds, a bubble elimination NatureLoss, water becomes clear. This is a physical phenomenon does not affect water quality.

   above the water purifier is about the cause of the white foam of analysis, consumers may encounter this situation do not worry, make the appropriate treatment can be friends!

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