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   one week inventory information, knowledge of industry trends. Last week, we focus on the following hot spots: Love Ho Chak water purifier booster Majiabao Hope Primary School; Chinese kitchen electrical Forum kitchen electric market ushered in a new eco-development in Beijing; clean water source film debut North American Society of awarded "Gold Award for outstanding contributions "; Master Kong Hang water Education for the first time into the" peace of mind drinking water "concept take root;" cohesion counterparts, enjoy win the future "how successful water industry Nuggets?

   more exciting content, all in micro-assessment period have expected!


   Ho Chak water purifier booster Majiabao love Hope Primary School

   healthy drinking water is particularly important for young people is in a stage of growth and development. The current status of campus drinking is not optimistic. There are different standards of campus drinking water installations, electrical safety flawed, imperfect service system. May 17, carrying dozens of love-Ho-taek, Bili water purification equipment is mounted to the post of Shaanxi Province Xunyi County Town Majiabao Hope Primary School, to provide safe drinking water protection for more than one thousand students and teachers here .



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   micro-assessment: As an environmental science and technology enterprises, Hao Ze based on its own development, good product and services, while always concerned about public welfare, but also hope to have more well-known enterprises and the media to join the authority, in order to send more teachers and students safe and convenient drinking water. We are committed to contribute to the community with action.

   China kitchen electric Forum kitchen electricity market ushered in the development of new eco in Beijing

   May 22, the "on enjoy is not the same" as the theme of "Chinese kitchen appliances peak in 2019 Forum "held in Beijing. This forum guided by the Chinese Academy of household appliances, Suning Tesco Group Co., Ltd. strategic cooperation, National Household Appliances Industry Information Center support, large coffee brought together industry, business leaders, to discuss the new situation of sustained and healthy cooking power industry upgrade road.





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   micro-assessment: With the rapid socio-economic development, Chinas family kitchen also experienced a hardware upgrade to the pursuit of quality, to develop by leaps and bounds taste of life. I believe this is not just driving technology-based, it is based on country lifeLive in an iterative manner, kitchen electric market is being ushered in a new eco-development, opportunities and challenges!

   clean water source film debut in North America Society of awarded "Gold Award for outstanding contributions."

   May 11 --15, with "new water, energy and health membrane separation" as the theme of the twenty-eighth NAMS Society of North America, the film was successfully held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its main purpose is for the current membrane science, membrane engineering equipment research and development and application of technology to provide exchange platform.



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   micro-assessment: This technology has been awarded the North American film Institute NAMS "Gold Award for outstanding contributions" this recognition represents a major innovation in the industry membrane materials research and development and equipment research. I believe this is a film NAMS North American Society of praise for the clean water source of this technology.

   Master Water Education for the first time into the Hang "ease of drinking water" concept take root

   May 17, by the China Beverage Industry Association (in drinking Association) and Master Kong jointly organized water education charity in Hangzhou Wenhai experimental school officially opened. This is the event, following Beijing, Shanghai Station successfully held the first appearance in Hangzhou. Master Kong Holdings Limited Eastern Region Director Mr. Su Lirong, Wenhai Education Group president Zhang Xinfeng, vice president attended this event, and Qiantang teenagers launched a large-scale "class meetings" on "knows the water, love the water, water saving .



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   micro-assessment: I hope the Master Water Education charity allow more young students get taste the remainder of scientific knowledge about water, attention to environmental protection, to build beautiful homes and work together.

   "cohesion counterparts, enjoy win the future" water industry how to succeed Nuggets

   May 18 afternoon, the five of "cohesion counterparts, enjoy win the future" as the theme of Henan field of water purification elite forum was successfully held, the participants conducted in-depth discussion on the issue prospect of the industry, the Nuggets breakthrough, hardcover room influence and standardization of development ...



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   micro-assessment: The water purifier is a high-risk industry, if there is water pipe burst,Leaks and other accidents not only take great price, but also a great harm to the industry. Currently water industry has yet to be white-hot competition stage, still maintained a reasonable profit, we should work together to enhance the installation standards and services, and promote the healthy, healthy development of the whole industry.

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