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   A complete system generally consists of central water prefilter, central water, central water softener composition and the drinking straight end, part of the user can only refer to pure water may also be used to select pure water instead of a straight drink machine. Now, Xiao Bian gave you each tell us about their respective works.

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   Pre-filters work

   Pre-Filter laminated filter, cis - type filter, siphon type filter backwash and four kinds of filters, However, pre-filter backwash more common, which belongs to the "internal pressure" in the normal operating state, the pressure of the water permeability by the inner wall to the outer wall of the filter, so that sand, rust and other particulate impurities trapped in the inner tube, so that clean water can flow to the interior.

   central water works

   connected to the rear end of the central water pre-filter, which typically use high purity KDF media and activated carbon adsorption purification effect achieved, water is removed residual chlorine, colloids and other impurities. KDF filter is a high-purity zinc alloys, it can remove more than 95% of the chlorine in water, hydrogen sulfide, soluble heavy metals, and can inhibit bacterial growth, and strong absorption of active carbon, to remove chlorine, so central water purifier by water may be filtered to drinking water standards.

   Central softener works

   Central soft water softener technology mainly includes a resin separation softener technology and calcium nanocrystal technology, resin separation softener technology is mainly by ion remove the water exchange resin, magnesium ions, reducing the water hardness; nanocrystal technology is the use of high energy nanocrystals produced, the water free calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate ion packaged into nano crystals, thereby preventing scale formation of free ions.

   machine works central water

   Central water machine is using the principle of reverse osmosis, the central work of pure water, is applied more than the natural osmotic pressure of the raw water in one of the permeation of water molecules from high concentration to low concentration of one of the reverse side. Since the pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane is far less than several hundred or even a thousand times or more viruses and bacteria, so a variety of viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, soluble solids, organic pollution, calcium and magnesium ions and other substances through the reverse osmosis membrane can not to achieve the purpose of water purification.

   end drink straight works

   drink straight endMachine principle is to use a reverse osmosis membrane water RO- higher molecular weight species, superior ability to remove various ions, to purify drinking water, which is a high quality treated effluent drinking water, RO pretreatment RO- The main fine filter and activated carbon.

   a complete central water purification system that can protect all aspects of drinking water safety of his family, if conditions permit, consumers can configure a set at home.

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