Water industry -hidden rules- you know a few-

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  Water industry "hidden rules" you know a few? Time: 2018-10-13 10:02:13 water pollution, so that more people are concerned about the health of drinking water, which also contributed to develop water industry and water purification products. Various water purification products, water purification way has appeared in the market, but the market by selling water purifiers and not all reassuring. Bad water purification products not only failed to bring health to consumers, but to the lives of consumers bring trouble. Often we see this phenomenon on price gouging water purifier market, in order to enhance their sales volume, play ridiculously low prices to attract consumers. By the time consumers buy to install, requires installation charge a fee. If consumers choose to install even do not provide after-sales service, which makes many consumers have been "slaughtered" feeling. Pseudo current environmental protection, low-carbon, environmental protection has become the trend of the times, the natural water industry also followed the pace of the times, have unfurled the banner of "low-carbon and environmental protection". In fact, last year, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine sampling of water purification products in the process, found that some product quality problems, which also contains a number of foreign brands, mainly arsenic exceeded. In the case of high-speed growth of the industry, herd quality, but off a large number of brands. So try to choose well-known brands or qualification documents are complete brand when consumers buy. "Small workshop" type of production exquisite production process is essential to ensure high-quality water purification products, many manufacturers have said they have advanced production lines. But for the water purification industry herd situation, many small factories hardly on the scale of the production line. Therefore, when consumers buy water purifier, not only to look purifier manufacturing process, but also to ask the manufacturers of the site, the situation of production equipment and technology, attention to verify the qualification of home water purification agents, such as saying that foreign brands, asked him to show relevant evidence. Perfect after-sales service in the purchase of water purification products, manufacturers should pay attention to understand the situation of production and operation, whether a professional installation team, whether a dedicated service department. Some water purification products in order to save cost, installation is to select some scattered guerrilla force, due to the lack of after-sales service business, resulting in the consumers home water purifier lost due effect, but there is no money to achieve the desired effect, so that consumers more harm than good. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of water purification products in addition to focus on brand quality, it is more to pay attention to whether its after-sales service systemperfect.

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