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  Let the data tell you now how serious the pollution of: Tim net water purification Views: 961 Published: 2018-10-26 17:02:16 water pollution in the end how serious our country now, let the following several sets of data Tell you. Recently, the Ministry issued the "2014 China Land and Resources Communique" that comprehensive evaluation of the results of water quality monitoring sites showed excellent level of 529, accounting for 10.8% of the total number of monitoring stations; water quality monitoring sites showed a good level of 1266, accounting for 25.9%; grade quality was better monitoring points 90, 1.8%; poor quality as a level monitoring points 2221, accounting for 45.4%; poor quality as a level monitoring points 790, 16.1%. The main component exceeded the total hardness, total dissolved solids, iron, manganese, "three nitrogen" (nitrite nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen and ammonia), fluoride, sulfate, etc., the presence of arsenic, the individual water quality monitoring sites, lead , hexavalent chromium, cadmium and other heavy (s) exceed the standard metal. Lets look at news: April 21, pond water, a park north of the city of Hangzhou, near a steel plant by serious pollution, pond plants become yellow and peripherals have been poisoned. And theres not enough time to suffer from water pollution plants also maintained its strong should be green. After reading data and news, you still feel todays water pollution is not serious? Do you continue to ignore the dangers of water pollution it? A lot of people actually know water pollution, but did not realize the seriousness of water pollution, so careless, that does not matter to drink at home. In fact, for water pollution, the more neglected, the greater the damage. The more silent, the more dangerous. Prevention and control of water pollution, protect drinking water health is desperately needed. Life, we always use the water, laundry, cooking, drinking, tea and so on and so forth. Water Pollution strikes, you want a good solution yet? The facts tell us now water pollution is very serious indeed, for the health of you and your family, install water purifier is a wise choice. What is more important than the health of it?

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