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   20 years ago, Mr. Hartmut Weber personally commissioning of Chinese enterprises Wibaux Germany Eisenman electrostatic dry powder enamel production lines, has grown into one of the largest electric water heater business, not only has a Fuji Guangdong, Guangdong and Anhui Ma On Shan Li high three major production bases, with an annual output of 5.5 million electric water heater and, own brand development Weibo has also made considerable progress, become a professional electric water heater representative of the brand. The first half of 2019, the domestic electric water heater market into a zero-growth unfavorable environment, Weibo was still able to achieve double-digit growth trend, the growth rate is leading the industry as a whole.

   Now, Mr. Hartmut Weber and Wibaux hand again, naturally, want to be like 20 years ago, based on their Weibo strong foundation for the strength of the electric water heater industry, thus boosting Weibo brand in the domestic competition the intense electric water heater market further.


   September 1, the theme of "Global hot water, the first step in the net," the first net hot Weibo strategy conference and the worlds first net core group of experts appointment ceremony in Maanshan global wisdom made base held. At the meeting, Mr. Hartmut Weber Weibo officially hired as the worlds first chief adviser net core technical experts, and released two hot first net series V7, V6 new products. Obviously, Weibo brand will focus on purification technology development effort around the water, in order to build product and brand in the field of health bath.


   Weibo Group Managing Director and Group Vice President Lloyd sub-peak


   Liu, general manager of the root Weibo Group Brand Management Center,

   Weibo Group Director Lao Vice President and Group sub-Feng said: "bigger and stronger own brand is Weibo Group has been the most important strategic goal, along with the establishment of a panel headed by Mr. Hartmut Weber, and net first series hot water new release, indicating that Weibo will enter a brand new journey advanced and technological upgrading. the future will be better foothold Weibo user needs, Xu Li Huan new forward. "

   as contributing Hartmut Mr. Weber directly with one of the promoters of Wibaux again later, Liu, general manager of the root Weibo Group brand management Center, in an interview made it clear that: "on one hand, Mr. Hartmut Weber is WibauxGroup of old friends, 20 years ago as the first German Weibo debugging Eisenman electrostatic dry powder enamel production line; on the other hand, he is a very experienced expert in interior corrosion, water purification field of electric water heaters, and he further improve the product collaboration can indeed bring substantial improvement to Wibaux. "


   has been due Wibaux always focused on R & D and manufacturing electric water heater, so the development of independent brands is also showing a low-key, partial technical specialization image. "I think the choice of Mr. Hartmut Weber, a senior expert to such brands as Weibo platform, Weibo is in line with the brand genes. "Liu further said the root.

   More importantly, as an electric water heater technology is relatively mature home appliances, we have gone through in the era of universal alternative to boiling water bath to prevent electric wall technology as the representative after the era of security, speed and conventional thermal era, has entered bathing bathing comfort and health of the micro era of innovation. among these, water purification technology is the core of support. Thus, Wibaux hired Mr. Hartmut Weber served as the worlds first net core chief technical consultants, is a forward-looking decision in Wibaux based on market demand, technological innovation and research aspects of the attack made.

   to this end, Wibaux first proposed the "hot water in the industry, the first net water "point of view, and in the new release of" first net hot "series V6, V7 has been well represented in which, V7 as the first net hot series flagship product, will become healthy 5 star type water heaters, with a pre-clean water, access to water bacteriostatic, bactericidal interior, clean interior reminded titanium core electronic protection, high-temperature sterilization, sewage and other self-seven healthy clean technology, comprehensive protection of the users bathing health.

   [ 123] According to reports, the next, but also from Weibo brand positioning, cutting category, all aspects VI, SI system image and other upgrades. so that more consumers feel the real world Weibo hot water wisdom the real strength of the center of the building, will force companies into a brand, product integration forces, eventually forming a sales force

   Liu root told Aiken home network:. "in fact, by virtue of Weibo Group accumulated more than two decades technology and experience in Wibaux conform and meet user demand level, is often one of the industrys most responsive brand. Before we have developed a series of water purificationTechnology and patents, but Wibaux top research scientific research in the humanities Chi-made care of the details from the beginning of the heart, skilled line, few in words, and the beginning of the heart do not change. Today, in the context of consumption upgrade, we hope to deliver better Weibo this full of talent Polytechnic male image out and create a kind of sense of technology, warm, reliable brand image. "(I Huai Zhang)

   (Source: Aiken home network, invasion deleted)

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