What factors influence household water purifier filtlife

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   In the current water pollution is getting worse in many nations choose to install a home water purifier water source again after use. However, a home water purifier consuming apparatus, require periodic replacement. Then the factors that influence household water purifier filter life in the end is what?

   First, the type of filter element

   kinds of household water purifier filter There are many, such as PP cotton, activated carbon, RO membranes, UF film. Different types of water purifier filter life is different. Generally PP cotton filter in 3 months; activated carbon filter 6 months; post carbon filter is 12 months; membrane filter is about 2 years; the RO reverse osmosis membrane filter 3 years; KDF filter 2 years; magnetic filters and ceramic filters in about a year. Yu water purifier Super Tips when buying a home water purifier should be selected according to their needs and local water quality.

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   Second, the water quality

   Water for different areas affect water purifier filter length of life is different. In some places the water quality is relatively good, so filter replacement cycle will be relatively prolonged; whereas if you live where the water quality is poor, you need more frequent replacement water purifier filter water purifier to ensure their own achieve the desired results, time drink healthy water.

   Third, the frequency of use

   Whether you choose what kind of water purifiers use a water filter frequency are the most important factors determining the frequency of filter replacement. To know any cartridge filtration capacity is limited. When a filter has reached a certain saturation point will lose the results, it will not reflect the more obvious waste outlet for the water purifier. Therefore, using the intensity (frequency) of the high water purifier attention need regular replacement.

   Fourth, product quality

   the use of high-quality water purifier filter life is usually better than the use of low-quality filter water purifier products much longer. In recent years, household water purifiers high profits has attracted many manufacturers have put into production, household water purification products of varying quality. Some manufacturers put more energy on the concept of speculation, the actual purification effect is very limited. And some manufacturers to reduce cost of production and purification cartridge host, using relatively low cost materials, which results in clean water quality can not be guaranteed. This filter will be relatively short life a lot, andMore likely to be secondary pollution. Yu ultra clean water in here to remind you to buy water purifier

   need to know more about the practical effects of multiple brands of water purifiers to the surrounding people

   feedback selected from quality manufacturers.

   Of course, when using the home water purifier, filter consumption is associated with a variety of factors. How many families are usually water consumption, population and maintenance of water purifiers and so on will affect household water purifier filter life and thus also affect the water purifier filter replacement time.

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