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   Recently, Bijie City Qixingguan District Market Supervisory Authority East Branch of the successful mediation of consumer disputes with the water purifier, the consumer has received compensation for the cost of operating businesses.


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   It is understood that the end of April this year, the public Ms. Yang to buy a certain brand of water purifier 1 set in a water purifier business at the city. June 1st, Ms. Yang found that the water purifier outlet pipe off, leading after their homes were flooded, then contact the merchant site to view and dial the phone after-sales brand water purifier reflect. June 11, the water purifier sales company commissioned by the insurance company checked the scene worthy of losses, the insurance company made the report claims: property loss 10322.66 yuan, claims amounting to 7322.66 yuan, 3,000 yuan deductible. That is, the insurance company only paid 7322.66 yuan, the remaining 3000 yuan compensation should be made of the water purifier company.

   Later, Ms. Yang find the water purifier company claims several rounds of consultations to no avail. In desperation, Ms. Yang to make a complaint to the market supervision department recently. After

   Ms. Yang received the complaint, the Market Authority City Qixingguan District East Branch immediately launched an investigation to understand, and to mediate between the parties to agree: The water purifier agency agrees to indemnify the consumer Ms. Yang property the loss of 3,000 yuan. Recently, Ms. Yang has received compensation payments businesses.

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