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   into the shopping season

   a year off, major shopping malls everywhere all kinds of promotional posters, making the "3999 minus 600" or even "over 5999 back to 2000," the big efforts to promotional activities the crowds in the mall home, and a flourishing population. Last weekend, when reporters visited the major shopping malls in the Xidan shopping district again Shique see the current traffic within department stores significantly less than last year.


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   When a reporter visited last weekend Chongwenmen New World Department Store again, they found a very different scene last year. Shopping malls deserted lot, despite big efforts in the promotion still exists, but compared to its beginning, the attractiveness of this marketing model down a lot.

   Customer promote rational consumption

   When the consumer about the transition from the mall "not really" discounts stage to the last "Mingzhemingkou" great efforts to promote the stage, it will undoubtedly be the business sincerity attracted. Ever consumers want to buy an affordable commodity is not easy. Because at that time, can truly "Mingzhemingkou" of small businesses, even if the businesses will play a large discount through limited-time promotion, and other times REWARDS means consumers will dominate round and round. These promotional way not only will not let consumers get real benefits, consumers also endure miserable.

   compared to that period, the financial crisis at the beginning of efforts to promote large indeed genuine, attracted many consumers flock is human. But even then beautiful things, if repeated, occur repeatedly, will make people fatigued. The same is true for the commercial sector is concerned. Consumers in major efforts to discount, the beginning of the promotion will certainly be attracted by affordable prices of goods, and once these promotions continue for some time, and maintain the same amount of discount unchanged, it will greatly reduce the attractiveness of the customer, leading consumers to feel tired for a discount.

   Another small series are discounted fatigueOn one level, reflecting more rational for the customer to select merchandise. Discount compared to the previous major efforts caused by impulse spending, today, consumers will pay more attention to cost of goods, not just because of its low prices to buy. This has prompted businesses run more toward healthy development, the maximum to avoid the negative effects of past irregularities arising from operations.

   replacement brand, increase sales advance, event marketing

   for the present situation of consumers in the shopping process, the discount was a series of problems caused by fatigue, the most direct experience, the deepest feelings, Im afraid the major shopping centers in the capital operators. How to spend this period, the dissemination of new shopping attraction, head of the capitals major shopping centers to express their views.

   Xinhua Department Store car Guorong, deputy general manager, told reporters the case when consumers big discount efforts, when promotional commonplace, indeed there are "fatigued" the.

   It is actively adjusted Xinhua Department mall layout, according to the introduction of fresh blood demographic targeting mall. Beginning last year, the Xinhua Department Store has been 87 brand replacement. In addition, under the premise of ensuring Mingzhemingkou faiths, the mall is trying to promote "joint and several" of consumption, such as providing customers with a reasonable mix of men to buy women, to ensure the two original pieces of clothing discounts basis, the "credit." Fold in the past on this discount only for VIP customers. Now, the mall would like to use similar marketing model, continue to give customers new ideas and increase competitiveness.

   Jane Powell Street Mall Planning Director believes that shopping malls and various marketing activities, we must first clear its own brand positioning, because every mall can not face all consumer demographics, so after the first proper brand positioning, and then a variety of marketing activities targeting consumer groups, increase the attractiveness of shopping malls.

   He Qiang Scitechs public relations department said that because of his shopping discounts only once at the time of the anniversary every year, so do not feel too much negative effect "discount fatigue" brought about, but she also believes that, different brands, different marketing model.

   A person familiar with the industry mall operators pointed out that similar consumption patterns Xinhua Department Store jointly carried out, is a form of advance sales, if the business can no longer rational use of event marketing, such as star conference held, various competitions andThese two modes organically combined, will greatly enhance the consumer shopping at the mall, increase customer loyalty, and thus the maximum to avoid a series of problems caused by fatigue discounts.

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