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With increased water pollution, water in most parts of my country has not directly consumed, people can enter the body must take after treatment by a professional household water purifiers. Water purifier can effectively filter the water floating, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and other impurities in the water to return to normal before leaving the factory, to become potable "safe water", water purifier small series will tell the user operating principle and how to choose the right water purifier according to the principle.

   The water purifier also called water purifier, according to the composition of the filter structure is divided into RO reverse osmosis membrane and the water purifier water purifier, energy water purifier, a ceramic membrane purification machine. RO reverse osmosis water purification unit is five standard filter, namely: PP cotton, carbon particles, compressed carbon, RO reverse osmosis membrane, post carbon level 5. Outdoor water purifier includes water purifier, commercial and household water purifier.

   water for reverse osmosis membrane

   Follow home safe drinking water, water purification works Revealed reverse osmosis membrane method is a membrane separation technique, this method the water pressure by a synthetic membrane, through the membrane allows only water, and the contaminants are excluded, the RO using the reverse osmosis technology, high cost of this technology, as well as appropriate regions and poor water quality request of the consumer to choose.

   ultrafiltration membrane purification process

   ultrafiltration membrane purification process is an ultra-deep purification process, give full consideration to the actual situation of the raw water quality, filtration more comprehensive, suitable for home use, which is a kind of filtration process the worlds most advanced filtration process.

   Activated carbon adsorption principle

   This method is very primitive of physical filtration, water purification is more commonly used machine in principle, the use of coconut shell activated carbon. It has a lot of pores, which has a strong adsorption capacity, effective absorption of organic contaminants in water. Further, in the activation process, the amorphous carbon surface portion formed 位 some oxygen functional groups, these groups have a chemically activated carbon adsorption and catalytic oxidation, reduction performance, can effectively remove some of the metal ions in the water.

   microfiltration and ultrafiltration

   microfiltration membrane is a microporous cellulose or a polymer material, a uniform pore diameter to its entrapped water particles, bacteria, colloids, etc., so as not to be removed by the filter, this filter can be a microporous membrane filtration technology micro or nano particles and bacteria. Ultrafiltration and microfiltration membrane separation technology are all, There is no clear boundary between the two, the operating pressure is generally ultrafiltration to about 0.3 MPa, the water molecules can be removed, bacteria, viruses and the like.

   purifier development Experts: Some water purifiers the above works, is easy to see for a home water purifier to remove contaminants in the water, bacteria viruses, organic matter, heavy metal belongs to the depth of treatment, there are very good results. Currently water purifier market a wide range, the basic working principle is similar, the user must make a choice based on water quality in the area of 鈥嬧€媤ater purifier to buy time, to achieve the ideal state of drinking water.

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