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   each person should drink at least eight glasses of water a day in order to guarantee the normal operation of bodily functions. Water is very important to our daily lives, to a certain extent, the quality of water determines the quality of our lives. We need to cherish water resources, but also to cherish the hard-won clean water. Today, smallll tell you about the four steps of whole house water purification system.


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Step Four whole house water purification system is not easy purification cup (pictures from the network)

   The first step in purification, pre filters

   which is installed behind the meter, the function is to filter out large particles of impurities, the effective filtering suspended solids in water, sediment, rust, and other impurities.

   Step purifier, central water purifier

   Start eliminate chlorine in water, odor, precipitates, etc., while effectively preventing the growth of bacteria.

   The third purification step, water softener

   can effectively reduce the water hardness of calcium and magnesium ions to soften water to achieve the purpose, daily beauty and grooming softener valuable asset, the bath can use soft water to nourish the skin, anti-aging effect on the skin. Not on clothes washed with soft water particles remaining soap scum, reduce friction and wear, effective anti-static, extend the life of the laundry.

   The fourth purification step, the end Drinking water purifier

   the effective removal of heavy metal colloid in water, organic matter, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, lead and mercury, color smell, improves the taste, its advanced bactericidal, the treated water can maintain sterility 3-5 days. In this case, the purified water is safe to drink without boiling.

   tempered water through water purification system supplies last users, so you no longer worry about water safety. To drink pure water is no longer a dream, to create a comfortable and healthy home is also not a fantasy. We need to do is to cherish every drop of water.

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