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how to make money in the rural water purifier market? With the development of hot water purification industry, urban domestic water purifier market has become saturated, more and more entrepreneurs saw the rural water purifier market opportunities, the investment focus from urban and rural, rural areas become strategic future home water purifier to join, who can more accurately grasp of market dynamics, tap the rural market demand, who will win the wealth of business opportunities!

   net how to water heater market prospects? countryside in water purification have joined the market it? look from the characteristics of rural population, water purifier authority propaganda big influence on people, how water purifiers franchisee can run at the county level TV stations high-quality advertising, publicity or send a professional team in the large-scale rural drinking water health knowledge to explain, in particular, is experiencing water quality testing laboratories, so that consumers feel keenly aware of the seriousness of their own pollution of drinking water, residents of the formation of healthy drinking water enough attention, so that we can effectively stimulate residents desire to buy, off the market demand.


   my countrys large population, more than eight hundred million rural population in rural areas hidden opportunities, the rural market still belongs to the gaps in the market water purifier. But we must also realize that, due to the quality of rural population and cultural restrictions, but also an urgent need to address the overall cognitive franchisee in doing propaganda should be noted that the use of DVS propaganda, straightforward villagers clearly understand the status of local water pollution and safe drinking water to the importance of health, let the villagers know, buy a water purifier is necessary to protect the health of your family drinking water product, is put into small sum, large health benefits of a good product. Kim Shi Yu is the emphasis on the development of the rural market!

   the current situation in rural areas, focusing on publicity purifier health effects

   In recent years, Chinas economy has been developing rapidly, and the country further promote the new rural construction, spending power of rural residents would be enhanced further activate the rural market. Today, many provinces and cities for rural development by leaps and bounds, has been basically to keep up the standard of living of urban living, washing machines, refrigerators and other large appliances have been popular in rural families, as long as rural residents are fully aware of a series of water pollution groundwater pollution, water quality sclerosis problem, it can easily make rural residents to accept this new water purifier appliances.

   focus is selected to develop the rural water purification products

   for the rural water purifier market, according to local water quality and water consumptionSelect the appropriate level of comprehensive local products. On the one hand, the rural water quality problems are mainly concentrated in the sediment, large suspended particles, water eutrophication (washing powder), domestic waste, pesticides, water calcium and magnesium ions and so; on the other hand the village level and subject to year-round way of life pursuit of product function is more biased in favor of practical, additional value and do not care, so the choice to promote rural water purifier products to focus primarily on practical, better economic level of rural areas, household water easily open market, and in the weaker economic level of the area, kitchen water purifier is more favored by the market!

   stimulate demand in rural areas according to the customs

   in addition, there is widespread psychological comparisons rural market, many rural areas have not formed urbanization, interaction neighbors old folks particularly in the consumer goods, especially large appliances, you have a home, my family also want to get a table, to be in the promotion of the rural market clever use of this technique, you can open a few households specializing in household consumption in the local, accelerated by interaction branding.

   agents how to profit in the rural water purifier market? Seize the rural water purifier market? All in all, accompanied by increasingly plump and exacerbate urban water purifier market economy, the rural market is clearly the largest growth in future profits point, but for now, the rural water purifier is not yet mature, who can quickly grasp the opportunity to tap the potential of unlimited business opportunities, who will be able to market success, winning wealth!

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