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   HC mesh pre-filter water purification has now been accepted by more and more families, almost fast becoming a family must have an item. Then the pre-filter in the end there is no use of it? Pretend not installed pre-filter in the end what effect it? The following miscellaneous household altar to give you an analysis on the principle of pre-filter and pre-filter in the end there is no use.

   First, to give you an analysis of the working principle of pre-filter:

   pre-filter, by definition represents two meanings, are front and filtration front refers to its the mounting position, the filter is its effect; prefilter are so mounted in the front end of the main conduit behind the water meter, it is the role of the water filter; filtering the prefilter is mostly employed head of a certain number of filters, all of the material is greater than the diameter of the screen filter can effectively filter; since the water transport pipe network in the unavoidable contamination occur, these pollutants into our house along the pipeline in the water , pre-filter can effectively filter out sand, rust, float, microbial contamination, etc., thus avoiding the hazards of these substances.

   Next come to talk with you prefilter use:

   The first point is of secondary pollutants such as tap water sediment, rust particles, floating, microorganisms, etc. and other pollutants can effectively filter before we go out of the house; the second point is due to the filtering action of the pre-filter, you can avoid the above pollutants on our home water purifiers, water heaters, showers and other damage, thus you can extend the life of more than appliances. Therefore, pre-filtration filter, whether it is for our bodies or in our family home devices have a great advantage, it is worth the installation.

   finally, tell you is that it pre-filter drawbacks:

   The first point is that there are basically pre-filter waste water discharge, so the installation must know this questions in advance to reserve a good effluent pipes, otherwise the latter will not be used; the second point is due to the pre-filter uses a strainer to filter the way, this way the filter is mounted on the inlet side of the family, it is notAvoidable cause some impact on home water pressure.


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