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   ahead of the industry, can not be surpassed

   a new generation of intelligent source of clean water nanofiltration water purification machines, in Jingdong congregation raised a big success, a new high maxed Jingdong crowdfunding record. Ended at 17:08 on April days, the project has raised $ 5 million.

   clean water source crowdfunding behavior is not marketing, not a gimmick, an unusual shopping experience, designed to provide a healthier and safer way of drinking water.

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   good enough for a lifetime of water purification technology, only "nanofiltration" called

   Jingdong crowdfunding intelligent water purifier, clean water source is a new generation product line nanofiltration D506. New full Internet connection, LED display data at a glance so that clean water, implanted WiFi module, via smart phone APP real-time monitoring of water quality and filter usage.

   Technology has been a part of human life, closely follow the trend of the modern family, know how to cherish healthy drinking water is life, love life of a wise man. WiFi version of the birth of nanofiltration water purification machines, more comfortable, more convenient shopping experience for the users in the Internet environment. 芦Previous 1 2 Next >>

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