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   by the China Academy of household appliances Measurement Technology Institute drafted T / CAQI 48-2018 "Household and Similar saving reverse osmosis water purification", T / CAQI 49-2018 "Household and Similar sections sodium filter water purifier ", T / CAQI 50-2018" household and similar saving reverse osmosis filter ", T / CAQI 51-2018" household and similar water-saving sodium filter insert "and four groups standard, approved by the China Association for quality inspection issued the standard in March 1, 2019 implementation.

   These standards not only provide technical requirements and test methods for reverse osmosis and nanofiltration saving water purifier machine, while providing technical requirements and test methods for the saving of water filter cartridge main member . Water efficiency standards proposed by a domestic advanced level, water purifiers to provide effective technical support water conservation, as manufacturers improve product quality play a leading role, as consumers choose to play the role of brand lead the way.


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