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   pre-filter it? Many people find the answer to this question. Xiao Bian look at the information prepared for it.




Application of a pre-filter water purification in daily life is also more widely, but will once with a long blockage problem, only make perfect care and maintenance, in order to ensure the results and the use of time, so it should acquire a certain amount of maintenance methods, then the pre-filter maintenance methods are what it?


1. before installing various types of filters, not to open the package in advance or packaging films; when installed, should the direction marked on the package deposit filter; during handling, should be light, with care, to avoid severe vibration and impact;.


for the pre-filter 2 , a mounting direction must be true: a combination of corrugated board when the filter is mounted vertically, the corrugated board must be perpendicular to the ground; filter connected between the frame and vertical, non-leakage, deformation, breakage and leakage, such as plastic, after cleaning the inner wall must be mounted, no dust, grease, rust and other debris;.


3 before the pre-filter is installed, should be thoroughly cleaned clean room, wipe, purify the air inside the system if dust, should be cleaned again, wipe, to clean requirements. When installed in a sandwich technique or prefilter ceiling, the ceiling or the technical layer also should be thoroughly cleaned, wipe;


mounted prefilter 4, the outer frame and the air flow should arrow. in the same direction; when mounted vertically, the direction should be perpendicular to the paper surface folds;.


formula 5 is mounted coarse flat or pleated filter, galvanized mesh should be in the rear direction of wind. Mounting the bag filter bag so that the longitudinal direction should be perpendicular to the ground, a direction not parallel to the ground so that the bag is mounted;


6 under normal conditions of use, flat, folded or coarse effect. filter, generally 1 - Change every two months, after replacing the filter down with water containing detergent may soak, rinse, and then dry it and then put; rinse 1-2 times usually after, a new filter must be replaced, to ensure filtration efficiency;


7 for coarse bag or filter efficiency, under normal conditions of use (average 8 hours per day of continuous operation), i.e., generally between 7-9 weeks should be replaced with new. ;.


for sub-pre-filter 8, under normal conditions of use (daily average8 hours continuous operation), typically 5-6 months, but also should be replaced;.


For the pre-filter 9, when the resistance value of the filter is greater than 450Pa; or when the outlet side stream a minimum speed, even if the replacement coarse, the filter efficiency, air flow velocity can not be increased; or irreparable smearing occurs in the surface of the current-filter shall be replaced with a new pre-filter; if not the above conditions, generally according to the use conditions of ambient, 1--2 year replacement;


10 to maximize the effect of the filter, in the selection and use, face velocity filter, coarse. efficiency filter should not exceed 2.5m / s, and a sub prefilter efficiency filter should not exceed 1.5m / s not only help ensure the efficiency of the filter can extend filter life cost;


11. in the device running generally do not replace the filter, as a result of time to replace the filter can not only allow for replacement of crude stop changing constantly fan case, efficiency filter, pre-filter and a front sub only after filter replacement must stop the blower;


12 seal between the filter and the connecting frame, must be tight, leak-free, in order to ensure the filtering effect;.


for 13. need for high humidity, high temperature environment in the pre-filter must be selected high temperature, high humidity resistance of the filter and the partition plate, the frame material, to meet production requirements.


through these presentations, I am sure you know how pre-filter maintenance knowledge of it. You also promise that you will ask: home pre-filter must be installed small advice you do not blindly, need to decide according to their own home water quality, water quality standard is actually based on what family does not need to drink small knowledge base?.




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