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  How to choose a water purifier? Why do you need to install rural water purifier! Author: Tim net water purification Views: 268 Published: 2018-12-6 17:05:22 saying goes, there is life there is hope, and now at 80% of the countrys mainstream rivers and lakes are polluted circumstances, stay mountains is maintained to keep the gold and silver mines. In fact, relevant statistics show more than 90 percent of the city suffered serious water pollution. Accompanied by the spread of Minamata disease, skin ulcers and even cancer villages terrible appearance. Green water in rural areas has already been contaminated. Many elderly people, children are still drinking well water drinking water reservoir, you can rest assured that it really? What water pollution in rural areas, it is necessary to install a water purifier it? First of all I must say well water in rural areas of the way. In many rural areas, water way is to sprinkle bleaching powder water wells, the reservoir, but many reservoirs will usher in the summer "visitors" patronizing. With the improvement of peoples quality of life, but also the construction of many rural water plant. However, the widespread use of chlorine water plant disinfection agents, turn on the tap water will find a white powder. Frightening the reaction of chlorine with organic substances generated water remaining carcinogens, carcinogenic properties after boiling will quadruple, while the heavy metal pollutants and will not boil and disappear. It is understood that, although many rural areas have been recommended over a water purifier salesman Qiaokai Men, or the entire community organizing recommended water purifier, but users really very little to install household water purifiers, water purifiers people understanding is still initialized state. Can water purifier will become the future of daily life essential electrical appliances, whether municipal or dominant individual purchase, drinking water not far future, but the present situation but quite distant. Inseparable from life and drinking water, and peoples drinking habits are changes occur, consumers can solve water quality and interference only last meter home. So what health means in the water purifier market? In the water purifier market, health mean depth filtration, drinking water safety. People ingest the necessary moisture and nutrients in the daily drinking water, protection of human health. In the water purification industry, efforts to improve the water quality of peoples survival, in order to achieve the body most comfortable and best taste of drinking water quality. The water would most likely around us, is ready to enter the mouth. Our country is a large agricultural country, the face of 1,382,710,000 rural population, whichA number of urban population is twice as much data. We have no reason not to pay attention to rural water security.

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