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   August 26 to 28, 2016 China (Zhengzhou) International water purification, clean and environmentally friendly home appliances exhibition will be held in Henan Province, Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. China Quality News from the China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment Professional Committee of the General Assembly was informed guidance units, a major highlight of this exhibition, is to host the 2016 national exhibition of achievements in quality water purification products at the show.



   "Administration of Quality Supervision since 2014, took the lead in household water purifiers into the quality range commitment, signed an agreement to further promote the commitment to quality and recommended by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection net water quality and brand integrity of enterprises, encourage enterprises to create national water purifier brand, and guide consumption, create our commitment to quality water purifier brand image, showing commitment to quality new water purification technology companies, new products, new development, we specially organized for the first time the country quality water purification products exhibition of achievements, to better promote the industry quality development. "China Association for quality inspection of water purification equipment professional Committee chairman and secretary general Dengrui De said. Dengrui De also highlighted, AQSIQ will be free to post two-dimensional code to each of the enterprises to participate in the quality of the results, the consumer will be able to know by sweeping the two-dimensional code of this product type, sampling frequency and sampling eligibility and other information, The purpose is to allow consumers to clearly consumption.

   The industry said that with the increasingly serious water pollution and peoples increasing emphasis on water, health, water purification industry is becoming a sunrise industry, but fast "barbaric growth" also brings the quality of chaos. With the AQSIQ the first in the water purification system self-declaration standard business practice, the implementation of commitment to quality work, the overall quality level of the industry is increasing steadily, industry quality chaos has been effectively improved.

   chaos spawned industry self-commitment to quality

   According to reports, the water purifier has been described as "another level of air-conditioning products," known as the last piece of cake home appliance industry in the 21st century, the next five years will form a three hundred billion yuan of market size. As we all know, "water appliances" in foreign countries has become a very high penetration of home essential goods. Relevant information, water purifier penetration rate in developed countries generally exceeds 80%, while Chinas penetration rate of less than 5%.

   However, while the industry growing like crazy, it also brings a lot of chaos in the industry, including water purification product quality varies greatly, purification function more performance for businesses telling their own stories, and large price gap. China Quality Daily reporter visitedSome appliance stores in Beijing after also found that the current water purification industry many brands on the market, ranging from traditional home appliance brand Patio, the United States, they are also well-known Internet brand electronics such as millet, the price difference between water purifier products It is relatively large, ranging from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, and even some high-end products price on the yuan.

   Two years ago, for water purification products industry quality problems, AQSIQ specially launched the "sword of Quality" action, by means of special rectification want to focus on law enforcement, to help the industry to go as soon as possible the standardization of the road. "One of the characteristics of the water purification industry in our country is small, scattered, chaotic, mainly for the large number of companies, many small and medium enterprises, and private enterprises, companies within the industry origin is also different, both household electrical appliance enterprises, but also do aquatic products companies, as well as new energy, Internet and other cross-border business, thus leading to imbalance in the development of enterprise and between enterprises, industry concentration is low. "Dengrui De said the healthy and sustainable development of the industry must improve the quality of .

   carried out after "quality inspection sword" special rectification action, AQSIQ again in 2014, "double 12" This day lead self-declaration system in the water purification industry standard business practices. The system is to make their own business within the industry for quality commitment, the commitment of the main contents are: "product design, manufacturing standards at or above the Industry Standard QB / T4143-2010, QB / T4144-2010, GB GB / T30307-2013 of requirements ";" reverse osmosis water purifier, express lead, chromium (hexavalent), cadmium, arsenic, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform purification efficiency ";" voluntary law enforcement agencies and social supervision, "......

   Although only a quality undertaking two to three hundred words, but each are directed at the industrys ills, such as lead, chromium (hexavalent), cadmium, arsenic, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, these water purifier business commitment to quality core content, but also to measure water purification products qualified or not a fixed target.

   quality personal commitment to change the industry chaos

   Two years ago, when the water purification industrys commitment to quality has just implemented, the first batch of 18 enterprises to participate in the production commitment. A year later, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Alibaba, Jingdong, Suning, Shop No. 1, the only product will be five large platform for electronic business cooperation contract, the two sides agreed to jointly promote corporate commitment to product quality work, collaborate release of product quality to fulfill commitments check result information, the quality ofCommitment extends to the field of electronic business.

   After two years of practice, the industry currently has 124 companies added to the quality of commitment to the team. "On the one hand, more and more enterprises, especially the outstanding enterprises in the industry recognize the necessary commitment to quality, recognition of this system, willing to accept the government, society, multi-media and consumer regulation and supervision of the quality of their products; on the other hand, commitment to quality through the implementation of the system, but also to the quality level of the entire industry has improved, the quality has improved chaos. "section Rui, deputy secretary of the professional Committee of China Association for quality inspection of water purification equipment, said 2016 held in Zhengzhou, China water purification product quality achievement exhibition tour, in fact, the result of industry-wide recognition for the quality of the implementation of commitments.

   "the quality of commitment to clean up the market environment, and guide the progress of the industry and promote the development of China has played an important role in quality. Enterprises to actively participate commitment to their own development, but also an opportunity." Limited Zhejiang Patio Water Treatment Technology Pengkai Qin said the companys chief engineer, quality commitment to participate, Patio first year is still contrarian growth of 50% in a hostile environment. Meanwhile, in the active guiding AQSIQ, Patio visibility is also significantly improved.

   statistics from the PRC show that in 2015, retail sales of water purification industry to 9.993 million units, up 40.3%, sales reached 22.82 billion yuan, an increase of 41.4%, is still expected this year We will keep retail sales growth rate of 20%.

   "commitment to quality work gives clear and concise indicator of quality basic quality requirements for water purification business, but also allows consumers to quickly lowlands make the right judgments on the quality of the merits of water purifier, effective solution to the current social standards for water purification products is not clear, not clear indicators of quality, product selection difficult situation, standardization of production norms production enterprises played a role in the supervision and guidance, conducive to the healthy development of the industry. "Shenzhen Angel Shen Jun, vice president of drinking water industry Group Co., told reporters that the results also demonstrate the quality of Zhengzhou commitment to quality and continued expansion activities, which by way of public display, business unite the whole of society to show results commitment to quality activities of an on enhance the whole society has a great role in promoting confidence in the water industry.

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