Water pollution is hazardous to health Water Purifitoelp you

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water, air and food are the three elements of human life and health, where the most critical water, water is the source of life it will illustrate the importance of water. But you know what? Now the water may also be "suffering of life", according to the data show that 80 percent of the worlds disease associated with drinking water.


can be biological contamination of water pollution and non-biological contamination. Biological pollution mainly from domestic sewage, hospital sewage, industrial wastewater, and when it rains washed out from the trash sewage in cities. The water contains a lot of bacteria and microorganisms, flows into the underground water pollution caused; non-biological contaminants include pesticides, fertilizers, harmful heavy metals, oil, organic matter, rainwater flows directly through the rivers, lakes, or cause contamination into the ground.


How can such water, boil the water can be removed by pollution? The answer is not natural.


water pipeline service life many parts of the country has been for decades or even longer, aging pipes causing leakage of water seepage or external water intrusion, which led to water contamination. Pipes and tanks, roof water tanks for long periods of cleaning, encourages the growth of bacteria and toxins, as described in Section ball algae, Microcystis, these two toxins have heat resistance, heat to boil it is difficult to destroy. Southern China, microcystin in drinking water sources is leading to one of the main reasons the incidence of primary liver cancer.


water pollution situation in front of us, how far away from disease, access to clean water? Xiao Bian give you Weapon.


the filtered water purifier capable of floating, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and the like. Take five water purifier, the filter is known as a sleeping mat PP cotton, granular activated carbon for the second stage, the third stage is a precision compressed activated carbon, an ultrafiltration membrane four Zi, Zi five after activated carbon. Five filtering protection, water filtration outstanding.


face water pollution, we can not sit still, can not take his body acts as a filter, consider using a home water purifier to protect our drinking water health is the most important, water purifier give your heart to bring the warmest moved.

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