The role of hard and soft water

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   hard water which contains a lot of mineral water and soft water containing less soluble calcium, magnesium compound, both have the role of each of the following five let small to introduce the role of hard and soft water it.




"Hard water" refers to water-soluble mineral component of the plurality, especially calcium and magnesium, after heating, the water of calcium and magnesium ions into calcium carbonate precipitation, that is, we usually say water base, scale, hard water that must soften it? If the hardness is too large, then try to soften hard water of drinking-if you do not have to drink to soften, lets take a look at the role of hard and soft water What are you?


hard water effects:


The water used at home, can not make soap foam, a layer of scale will precipitate on the laundry being washed; when the pot bottom will boil water thermos gradually and bottom junction layer of hard white scale. If such hard water used in the boiler or steam, will form a layer of calcium sulfate or silicon dioxide "hard scale" in the boiler and a bottom wall of the pipe, a layer of calcium carbonate or debris, and thus deform so that the wall superheat , leading to a risk of explosion boilers and pipes occur. This is very annoying and very scary.


Of course, an iron salt and a manganese salt water ions is one of the reasons that the water hardened. The ion-containing water would soap precipitated out rust scale generated on the fabric, if more filling the bleaching stains worse. When this water used to make tea, tea will show the surface layer of "water skin", fragrance and taste of tea is also missing. Magnesium hardness in water causes the water to an acidic with corrosion and significant, but also there is a metallic taste can irritate the eyes. Magnesium is a laxative. But magnesium ions only make people hate, but not a threat to human health.


Although a certain hardness of the water, can reduce the incidence of metal toxicity and cardiovascular disease, but the residents of drinking water needs to be softened, so as not to let the hard water have adverse consequences.


Introduction of experts are: soft and hard depending on the content of calcium and magnesium minerals, hardness of water is measured by dissolving in water the calcium and magnesium in terms of the aqueous calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate per liter of water hard water, hard water is high, when the high 450-714 mg / l content of units of measurement, known as soft when the content of calcium carbonate in water is less than 150 mg / l, up 150-450 mg / lWhen at 714 mg / l for the special hard water.


Expert advice: the hardness of drinking water in the 150-450 mg l /, is the most beneficial to human health.


soft water:


soft dirt can be completely removed skin cells, delay skin aging, no skin pulling feeling after washing, fine luster. Since the soft water rich in organic minerals, having strong detergency, only a small amount of cleansing cream, makeup can achieve 100% effect, so Amy softener is a necessity. Soft water for regular bathing can help you relieve dry skin, psoriasis, dandruff distress, restore normal elasticity of the skin. Skin inflammation, due to the action of soaps, detergents, friction, wood, leather, spicy seasonings bacteria, dry air generated by hand, foot or eczema occurs cracks, if used cleaning water softener, can get rid of eczema, crack healing, You also soft, shiny hands, feet.


can also effectively inhibit fungal softener. Occurrence of skin trauma, frostbite, burns and the like when the accident, after the first use soft water wash the affected area, and to soft water wet cotton, gauze, a towel, graze the affected area, rapid healing, and the edema due to burns immediately disappear, this is due to the soft water has the effect of promoting tissue regeneration. Frequent use shampoo can make hair soft gentle, elegant, anti-dandruff itching, not dry not astringent, hair natural luster.


These are the respective roles of the hard and soft water of small series to introduce, I believe can help you better understand the difference between the two, if you want to know more home drinking little knowledge, so stay tuned Internet cafes.




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