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   HC mesh pre-filter water purifier can filter out large particles in the water substances, although not the water is safe to drink, but for the protection of the protection of wading behind the product is very good, basically every household will be pre-installed water purifiers. Prefilter are generally mounted at the front end of the pipe, i.e. when the house decoration, and the pre-filter is installed along the pipe. To choose when to install a pre-filter based on the location of the installation of water pressure pre-filter, be careful not to be installed on public facilities, or the property will be asked to find the cause removal of contradictions, to be installed at home. Then talk about how to buy pre-purifier.

   A selected pre-purifier filter fineness size

   When the optional pre-filter, such filters to distinguish between good and bad quality, from its filter fineness is determined. Some brands of filter fineness can reach 300 microns, so not only can filter out sediment and rust in water, and even a lot of microbial filter out into the water quality of the house is even more pure. Scale is easy to produce home appliances, home appliances can reduce maintenance costs. If the water quality is better place, fineness can be selected slightly larger, such as 350 microns, a filter effect is good. In addition, the pre-filter material is also very important, the general choice of stainless steel pre-filter, the use of age will be relatively long, more safe and secure.



   II: The pipe thickness select

   diameter water pipes of different thickness, by the adapter, may be attached to the pre-filter 4 in charge (the outer diameter of tube 20 mm), in charge of 6 (outer diameter 25 mm) tube 1 inch (32 mm outer diameter). Need to measure in advance the outer diameter of the water pipe home want to install the pre-filter, in order to choose the right adapter.

   III: Water rate prefilter size

   High filtration precision quality is good but will affect the speed of the water purifier; fast effect on the water purifier water pressure is small, but more demanding cartridge . Water rate and the size of cartridge, cartridge filter larger the larger the area, the faster, the proposed purchase of high-precision filter filter cartridge filter large speed fast.

   Four: pre-filter is not necessarily proportional to the price of water purification filtration precision and speed

   a lot of good international brand pre-filter filtration accuracy of only 90-100 microns, lower water purification filter accuracy rate of 1.5 tons per the price of a thousand or so hours, some 40 micron filter precision filter precision high water speeds of up to 3 tons per hour, the price of a few hundred dollars.

   V: Type prefilter

   Generally better than straight type recoil type effects, better than with screen recoil type blade.

   The last is to try to choose a regular brand, because the regular brand product quality, labeling and filtering effect parameters more prudent.


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