Water purifier in the end bring any good fous to do

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   With the rapid development of industrial society, regardless of rivers, rivers and lakes, groundwater have been severely affected, how many people have suffered a serious blow to please continue to read:?


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   1, water pollution on human health hazards has caused great concern worldwide. According to the survey of the State Environmental Protection Administration show that since the Songhua River incident, my country has more than 140 water pollution accident every two days will be contaminated with water-related accident occurs. According to the Ministry of Supervision to statistics, in recent years, the national water pollution accident every year since 1700.

   2, water in the purified water with chlorine, although the production process can kill pathogenic microorganisms and other harmful substances, but the addition of chlorine itself in turn cause new chemical contamination. Of trichloromethane and chlorine may generate organic matter in water, which is a carcinogen. At the same time, chlorine also destroy nutrients, easily lead to heart disease.

   3, water in the pipe network, long distance pipeline transport, rust old pipelines, tanks and high-rise buildings in cities reservoir perennial non-sterile or dirty, can cause secondary pollution. Secondary pollution, bacteria, viruses and algae breeding, coupled with the existing chloride and chlorine, rust, heavy metals, radioactive substances, the water turbidity, odor, its endless harm.

   for the sake of the health of you and your family, so you have to use a water filter.

   sentence: improved water can drink straight; Alternatively bottled water, cheaper and more hygienic. At present water quality throughout the country there are some security risks. As is commonly the northern region hard water, prone to cause stones, etc. affect human health; southern regions have excessive heavy metals, harmful to human liver, gall bladder and kidney. Water purifier can be for different regions, targeted cleanup, so the indicators of drinking water compliance with health requirements.

   The benefits of purification:

   1 to remove all organic and inorganic pollutants (such as: sand, red worms water, rust, etc.)

   Reserved 2 trace element and increasing the number of water, wholesome

   3. minerals remove excess water, to soften water, minerals, and can maintain an appropriate amount to meet the needs of the body.

   4. After nanocrystalline water filter, which are small molecules of water, play a role in the activation, and can be easily absorbed by the body

   byStrong vitality of the body.

   let the water purifier with you to maintain a healthy family.

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