PC plastic cup features

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   life in plastic cups penetration is very high, almost every family has a plastic cup, especially in public places, drinking cups, plastic cups are also the overwhelming majority, we have to understand more about PC plastic Cup characteristics, so as to make drinking water safe. There are a lot of knowledge introduced.




every family has a lot of cups filled with water, the overwhelming majority of glass, plastic cups, ceramic cups, drinking cups which most secure, be sure to arouse high degree of attention, PC plastic cups for its portable, shatterproof, durable loved by everyone. We usually have to learn more about some small household drinking water knowledge, as well as the characteristics of PC plastic cups, so as to achieve water security, their physical and mental health is also of great help.


PC plastic cup advantage is lightweight, easily shattered. The disadvantage is not withstand high temperatures, easily decomposed by the high temperature deformation. Select Polypropylene plastic cups cup to be selected, transparent material is preferably selected, which does not contain so much of the other additives and pigments, no heavy metals and other harmful components.


However, we have to understand the PC material is heated easily decomposable toxic substances bisphenol A, PC material selected to avoid children cup; PP or PES plastic cups and can be sterilized by boiling at 100 鈩? heat resistance up to PP cups up to 130 鈩? PES cup up to 180 鈩? can be reused after careful cleaning.


The most common plastic cups are made of PP, PV, PC, these materials in the bottom of the triangle are labeled with the cup respectively corresponding to the numbers 1-7, these figures show that in addition to what material is made of a plastic cup In addition, a product or instructions for use and safety signs. The focus here talk about "05", because "05" is a PC plastic cup safest materials, is the only microwave oven heating of the material, resistant to high temperature 130 鈩? the melting point of up to 167 鈩?


Xiao Bian remind you, when choosing PC plastic cups, be sure to look for the bottom of the cup logo, so as to be more secure when in use, the body is not harmful, but if plastic cups event of damage it is best to replace, can reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble.




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