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   As after 8090 to become mainstream consumer group, completed the change of market demand with a new generation of consumer habits, people are no longer concerned only product price and performance, the decoration pattern, service experience, brand image and other factors are affecting consumer decision-making from the perspective of brand marketing, how to grab the attention of young consumers, has become the key to winning brand marketing.

   based on young hot cross-border marketing of beauty kitchen play new tricks

   along with the upgrading of consumption, the main consumer groups in recent years, younger, users of electric kitchen kitchen hot pursuit of the market is healthy , convenient, fun, and now home appliance brand to get out of the price dispute goods, and create recognizable appreciable must first focus target customers, in China in the consumer upgrade the occasion, the United States kitchen heat by means of rejuvenation products and the young of IP strong together, adding scenes to experience, to create content marketing young, brand shaped.

   recently hit a slow variety of "small town story" is a good evidence, the United States and Jiangsu TV kitchen heat reached a strategic cooperation, became the first full-speed humanities culture expert group to explore the episodes "small town story "title brand. Food culture as one of the shows story line, but also a new beauty brand exclusive hot kitchen scene.


   The second title of the program to differentiate delivery ideas, seize market opportunities to penetrate the human spirit brand image, strengthen the brand and the audience a vivid memory of the program, change the product cold hot kitchen impression of high-end technology for the life of feelings, closer to the scene of life experience.

   + entertainment marketing, marketing scene, double-edge brand potential

   futurist Alvin Toffler said: meet the consumer demand for products and services demand in the future, consumers need It is "experience." Kitchen scene by giving meaning to hot product, connection work and life, which is the current focus of the kitchen hot brand development. The concept

   As for the beauty of the kitchen hot water heater, clean drinking water in recent years, flagship of the "wisdom of the water of life", a fit young consumers, extended scenes are also younger consumer marketing approach. Based on this, the United States and the hot water purification appliances in hand this year on the new generation of 618 Leroy idol and beauty of water appliances Jingdong cooperation program lines, favorable for consumers, after the program line will break to watch the amount of nearly a million people, up to the amount of interaction 21,670,000 times.


   618 as an important campaign, the United States cut into the kitchen hot entertainment marketing division from cooperation with "Leroy generation idol", and on June 11 formally launched "Music Chinese generation idol X with the United States Department of wisdom you turn the tide water of life "Jingdong electricity supplier program, pushing for the" new young artists "to create high Yanyou Fan, intelligent series of products from simple Zen water appliances, brand rejuvenation injection new momentum.

   to activate the flow of young, "take heart content + interaction" with the fans mind blend

   mainstream kitchen hot brands are actively exploring how to better communicate with consumers, through more in line with current the spread of the habit of the way, so that consumers are willing to participate, willing to discuss. The beauty of the heat in the kitchen on brand marketing level, keeping up with social play of young people, through the star inspire enthusiasm of young people, the coming IN to the influx of communication and star of resources combined with further autonomy from the desire to spread. Whether it is beautiful kitchen hot title "town story" or 618 "Leroy generation idol X with the United States Department of wisdom you turn the tide water of life" Jingdong electricity supplier program, are designed to give new impetus to the brand rejuvenation, activate Young flow.

   beautiful kitchen heat has been "to the user to create a better life to enjoy and experience" as the beginning of the heart, play a good brand rejuvenation, brand potential energy into sales momentum to meet the needs of different users, I believe in the future, the United States kitchen heat will continue to serve as the industry leader and facilitator, to continue to expand the brand value and intrinsic value property more young hot young kitchen products.

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