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   it is known, the basic functions of the water purifier is clean water. However, the water purifier went so far as "Draft" at the same time clean water. Reverse osmosis water purification machines in use, although you can play water purification function, but it "eat" the water, waste water, and there is more. This phenomenon makes contradictory reverse osmosis water purification water purification and water conservation is very prominent. In this regard, water purification industry to strengthen technological improvements, take advantage of tail water.




reverse osmosis water purifier "draft" water purification industry to strengthen technological improvements

   reverse osmosis water purifier "draft" water waste [ 123]

   as people claim to improve drinking water quality, some families choose to install a home water purifier. In some big cities, communities have begun large-scale use water purifier. But in many parts of my country, water resources situation is extremely serious, we will highlight the waste of water. Water purification and water conservation, seems to be a contradiction.

   According to the China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment Professional Committee report, reverse osmosis water purifier, water purifier nanofiltration and ultrafiltration water purifier part, there will be dense water (tail water) emissions. Reverse osmosis water purifier, for example, national standards for recovery of not less than 30, that is, water purification and concentration of water should not be less than 1:2.3, that output per 1 cup of water, you need to drain the cup of 2.3 concentrated water. Waste water every day amazing horrible.

   water purification industry to strengthen technological improvements concentrated attention to water use

   concentrated water reverse osmosis water purifier water purifier produced after undoubtedly have a huge use of space. For a family, the total household drinking water a very small proportion, there are many places, such as toilet flushing water concentration and the like may be used, i.e., the tail water. In life, not everywhere need pure water. If the water purifier manufacturers to be able to give proper guidance, you will avoid a lot of unnecessary waste of water resources.

   At the same time, the water purification industry can solve this problem by strengthening technical improvements. Through improved technology, so that water and concentrated water have been stored, this way, can be used for drinking water and concentrated water for washing can. Water purification industry to change their concepts, enhance awareness of water conservation, return to nature "water supply" reverse osmosis water purifier, pure water and the concentration of all the water used up, as soon as possible out of effluent, waste water, old-fashioned reverse osmosis water purification product development and production without waste water, reverse osmosis water-saving new generation of zero net emissionsWater machine products, promoting technological progress and upgrading of reverse osmosis water purification unit.

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