Patio hand in Jingdong 618 starts Fathers Day theme activies

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   I hope that we can boldly express love for my father! "To" Fahrenheit "combination debut, because" Dad run it "incarnation Warm Heart Daddy" idol Wu Zun, located in Beijing Yizhuang Jingdong headquarters the good fairy water purification Patio water purifier into the cup in one gulp.



   Jingdong Ye Bo, general manager of home appliances division kitchen with Wu Chun, vice president Li Wei Qin Yuan Group attended the "father god of water, make love more net step" father Festival theme activities

   June 15, during a time when the global 618-year shopping festival also coincides with the eve of fathers Day, Jingdong appliances and water purifier brand Patio, jointly held at the headquarters of Jingdong "fatherly god of water, make love more net step "fathers Day theme activities.

   concerned about the health of water purification warming

   As we all know, water is the source of life. The impact between the water quality is closely linked with the biological, in particular, more closely related to the quality of peoples lives and health of drinking water quality. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) survey showed that 80 percent of the worlds disease and 50% of child deaths are related to poor water quality and drinking water. Due to poor drinking water quality caused by digestive diseases, infectious diseases, skin diseases, diabetes, cancer, stones, cardiovascular disease, etc. up to 50 kinds.

   Some experts pointed out that in Europe and other developed countries, the use of home water purifier penetration rate has exceeded 80%. In my country, with the upgrading of consumption trends in Chinas home appliance industry, can bring more healthy, more quality of life of the water purifier also ushered in the spring. Jingdong appliances big data show that in recent years, water purifier market has maintained rapid growth. In the first day of the past 618 years, global shopping festival, a large flux of water purifier five minutes of sales exceeded million units.

   to eliminate misunderstanding purification father

   As with untreated tap water purifier treatment, Chinas father mostly introverted, serious, silence, and this leads to more or less between children there are some misunderstandings. Over time, though childrens understanding of his father much, but still there are few children open their hearts to love to say it. Jingdong and Patio 618 during startup of Fathers Day theme activities, the purpose is like a water purifiers of drinking water as consideration for people brave confession of love to his father, eliminate misunderstanding.



   Chun aDrink and do with Patio water purifier water purification gods

   event, Jingdong Ye Bo, general manager of home appliances division kitchen, vice president of Patio Group Li Wei, Wu Zun will be collected before a "handwriting misunderstanding "put into the container, paper" misunderstanding "after thawing in water, container of water into the sewage, water purification Patio by purification devices, it becomes pure safe" fatherly god of water ", which also symbolizes the elimination of misunderstanding between father and child.

   Ye Bo said: "Jingdong hope that through such activities, called on everyone to understand his father, also appealed to his father to properly communicate with their children, the courage to express love, so that once the misunderstanding as impurities in the water as in the Qin garden Patio been resolved with the help of, let love show. "

   the extraordinary significance" fatherly Magic water "purify the event very lively, Jingdong hundreds of employees to participate in interactive, online live atmosphere is also very active, interactive number skyrocketed. At the event, people are aware of the importance and untie his father misunderstood, so misunderstood to be released in precious Fathers Day gift.


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   Wu Chun Jingdong employees personally sent love afternoon tea, playing call help Jingdong 618

   After the event, Wu Chun visited Jingdong appliances office area, as Jingdong hard-working staff sent personally love afternoon tea, help fight Jingdong call 618.

   As the leading home appliance retail platform, enabling Jingdong not only to achieve product selling home appliances brand, has been committed to deliver more caring society there is love there is positive energy. This time, Jingdong hand in Patio of the "fatherly Magic Water" campaign in the hope that with such meaningful activities, while the popularity of water purifier knowledge, to promote the development of the market of water purification, but also appealed to all consumers to take the initiative with their father communication, so this years fathers Day there are no more misunderstandings

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