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   along with consumer awareness of safe drinking water, health and quality of life awakening, combined to promote the many practitioners of clean water, water purification Chinese mainland market, home appliances market for many years to maintain rapid growth. According to the latest Orville cloud network (AVC) Total Channel push the total data show that the first half of 2018, water purification appliance market size of 16.72 billion yuan, an increase of 16.3%, of which 13.66 billion yuan market scale water purifiers, an increase of 19.6% in Pan entire field of home appliances, still maintained a high growth rate.


   on specific segments of view, the overall water purification industry in the mid and high-end upgrade market, but real estate is affected population reflux and other factors, the new first-line market increase in the narrow, sinking to the second and third tier markets and rural markets, the latter growth rate is much faster than the former. This means that part of the capital city of the province, the country most of the prefecture-level cities and county-level cities and the vast rural market, water purifiers still maintains ultra-high growth rate.

   on specific regional market, in the east, north some time in the future will continue to be the domain of water purifier sales areas, and the potential for South Africa is gradually released. On monitoring data show, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hubei, Shanxi, Sichuan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Xinjiang and other provinces still maintained a good growth year on year.

   From the product side, the high-end products more and more popular with consumers, the growth rate of water purification products focused on a single price 2500-4000 yuan Dan faster, and whole house water purification concept has gradually enjoys popular support, in order to be able to build the entire drinking water solution that enhances the user experience a sense at the same time, the growth of the industry had a good degree of contribution. Where the pipeline machine brand growth is very obvious, it is increasingly becoming rigid demand water heating, to form a water purifier and a host: 1 package purchase.

   from the sale of forms to see, offline marketing and online sales generated linkage, conference sales, including sales have better league shipments, commercial sales are also community projects and new growth point.

   from the current industry feedback, is expected the second half of 2018, water purification appliance market growth rate will further enhance the participation of enterprises will be further enhanced.

   (Source: Pangya Hui enlightened)

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