Water purifier brand management is the key tohe success of c

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   channels, namely sales of goods route, through business sales channels to sell the products to get profits. Water purifier increasingly competitive market, more and more companies recognize the importance of water purification channel construction, we can say, channel is the source of this steadfastness of business and profits, the merits of the channel will be directly related to the enterprise success or failure.




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   However, many companies realize that the water purifier channel construction importance, but they ignore the maintenance of channels, just merely open up, which led to lower survival agents. Water purifier channels focusing on maintenance, rather than inefficiently open up channels. Many facts have proved that the successful operation of the water purifier brand or not, the key is to channel maintenance. If you can not effectively do the maintenance of channels, hard to open up the channels will be furnished, but it lost the meaning pioneering. Therefore, water purifier channels focusing on maintenance.

   to focus on channel development, channel maintenance but also to pay attention to. A brand manager believes that attention to channel development is understandable, but if you just blindly open up, but did not do maintenance, will mean that open up channels are doing useful work. In fact, many enterprises in channel development, and not a complete plan, but think of what to do, where to go where to play means that, eventually leading to excessive investment in early, late of supporting personnel, funds can not keep up, the appropriate product development, dealer training and other activities are not implemented well. In this case, there have been many agents can not survive, or to move on to other brands phenomenon.

   To the extent that a greater channel maintenance benefits. The early development of water purifier business, open up channels for delivery of the funds can be withdrawn from circulation for the first time agents, but these funds can not be counted profits. The main purpose is to strengthen the construction of channels to promote the brand and enhance the brands influence, rather than the delivery of these funds. The real benefit is the channel through agents get only channel maintenance Well, agents can create stable profits, businesses can really create efficiency.

   There is an old saying that goes: Da Jiangshan easy to keep country difficult. Easy channel development, channel maintenance are not easy, therefore, after the channel development, we should focus on the maintenance of channels, or channel development will be meaningless. So, as a water purifier businessAlso channels also lost channels. Only do channel maintenance, water purifier business will go better and farther.

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