The water purification net blood, blood regimen actually

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  Water is the blood of net net, blood health but in reality time: 2019-05-14 09:49:30 people live a cavity blood, human health to survive, in the final analysis is nourishing. This is the basis of life! No more blood, more blood is flooding, the body will get angry; blood no less, ranging from blood dried up, the body will be weak; the blood can not dilute, dilute the blood less nutrients, the body will be powerless; blood is not thick, thick blood is clogged, the body will break cardiovascular disease; blood can not heat, the temperature of high blood heat, the body will dry hair inflammation; can not cool the blood, the blood cool temperature is low, the body will cold cold extremities. In short, as long as there is any imbalance in the blood, people will get sick, and this one, cardiovascular disease is the most serious and the most difficult one of the therapies, the pointer once deviated from the blood of indicators to cardiovascular occur the disease is the representative of a variety of disorders. The blood was the only way to solve the problem, so in this sense, is to support governance, the rule is raised. Therefore, Chinese medicine always advocated "two-thirds rule seven support" to achieve good health is the key aspects of the two, and the two can not be separated. Treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, can be said to be "the conservation of heart and brain," while conservation is simply nourishing heart and brain, to figure out the logic of the system of traditional Chinese medicine, will understand, but in reality nourishing health. Human blood is 99% water, the modern diet too rich, drink less, tobacco and alcohol addiction, living without the law, do not love exercise, mood swings, easy to make qualitative and quantitative changes in the composition of blood, fat, amino acid, sugar, a corresponding increase in moisture reduction, especially serious water pollution, too many impurities are blood, becomes sticky. Only human to have a strong ability to regulate blood viscosity, so that the blood internal environment to maintain a balance and relative stability; If you do not pay attention for a long time will be very dangerous. Numerous studies have shown that chronic arsenic poisoning damage vascular endothelial cells, causing microcirculation, is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease trigger, and a dose-dependent; lead, mercury, cadmium and other heavy metals can trigger atherosclerosis , cause cardiovascular disease and kidney damage, but also increase the incidence of high blood pressure. These contaminants commonly found in our drinking water! Water is the blood of net net, improve water environment, changing the concept of drinking water, and strengthen the quality of drinking water, desperately needed!

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