Water purifier is the most healthy way of drinking wat

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  Water is the source of life, healthy drinking water is the first step to ensure the quality of life. Drink what kind of water the healthiest, safest, and go and look at it 鍑€姘村櫒鎵嶆槸鏈€鍋ュ悍鐨勯ギ姘存柟寮? width=

   What water is healthy water

   It is understood that substances in the water can be broadly divided into three categories!?: the first is a visible particulate impurities or smell, odor and other harmful substances chlorine; second category is imperceptible to our pests, such as microorganisms, chemical pollutants; third is mineral elements beneficial to humans . Removes harmful substances, retain the natural mineral water element, is the real health of drinking water.

   which most healthy way of drinking water?

   know the real health condition of drinking water should have, we also need to understand the health of obtaining drinking water source, then what is the best way what kind of drinking water ? health does Yang Jinping spring water purification equipment Limited technical director gives analysis Q & a:

   of water: the economy but not necessarily the most healthy

   water is the most economical way of direct drinking water - after boiling tap water to drink. But this is not the most healthy way of drinking water: boiling water can destroy some bacteria in the water, dust, rust water, chlorine and chemical contaminants are not filtered. Also kettle may also become a source of contamination.

   bottled water: secondary pollution careful

   in pure water, bottled water-based, free of natural mineral elements. Risk factors that affect the water quality of secondary pollution are: repeated recycling barrels, internal water dispenser clean, room temperature in the confined space breeding ground for bacteria in the air and thousands of boiling water and so on.

   bottled water: Not daily choice

   a lot of attention to the quality of life of people prefer bottled water in life, however, the price of natural bottled mineral water is still high for most families, as a daily drinking is not realistic. The ordinary bottled purified water is filtered out of the beneficial minerals, long-term consumption is not conducive to health.

   water purifier: The most healthy way of drinking water

   installed in the cabinet, filtered fresh, fresh drinking water purifier has gradually become a new trend in China. Municipal tap water purifier to raw water, while retaining the physiological activity of natural water with various filtering techniques and filtering materials, the removal of harmful substances in water, not only to ensure drinking water, kitchen water cooking soup or the like are also health Safety. ConsumerAre concerned, you can simply replace the filter regularly. Yang believes that the water purifier is the most healthy way of drinking water.

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