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   HC purification network hot summers and rainy, there is consumer reaction even home water purifier moss , which makes many consumers somewhat at a loss, this film does not affect the water quality moss it? how can we effectively prevent moss it? lets hear Simai En professionals is how to answer.

   Why water purifier president moss it?

   our impression moss are inseparable from the water, which is common sense, and water purifier, too, where there is water, then it will grow out of direct sun through photosynthesis moss, moss water purifiers generally students in the PE and connected pipe inside the filter.

   How to avoid it?

   If the cartridge is transparent, and is installed near a window in direct sunlight, wet filter is easy to grow microbes, moss most common. Simai En suggest the best way is to start the installation, when a water purifier on the arrangements in place to avoid light conditions are good, which is why water purifiers, mostly under the kitchen type, which can make the water purifier at a low temperature and is not the environmental illumination.

   If we had installed did not pay attention to dark, wanted a way to filter blocking the sun on it.

   PE pipe water pipe connected to the water purifier, if too long, and direct sunlight, is also president moss. PE pipe and not too close to a stove where there is heat generated indirect heating.

   There is to regularly replace the filter, the general water purifier filter will have a state prompts when the machine prompt, you can not be left to chance to continue the drinking water. The case of

   water purifier long unused and not flushing is also president of the moss, but a lot of water purifiers available in the market are flush with intelligent features, and not much money is expensive, but it can bring peace of mind.

   Simai En reminds consumers that if we find the phenomenon of moss, water purifier that would not have drinking water, or microbes into the water, or will bring some adverse effects after drinking the body, to be after cleared or replace the filter in order to continue to use.

   The best water purifier installed in a cool dark place, thus not prone to moss, even if the water purifier long time, there was moss, that we should not trouble free, to take to clean the filter, which would also not cause a secondary pollution.


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