Water softener to cook it

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   water softener to cook it? Some use soft water of people want to know the answer to that question, small advice, it is best not to use or less.




water softener installed at home, then do not worry about hard water, but it can be everyday drinking it? For example, it can be used to wash? Wash fruit, cook cooking? Similar the problem really is a lot.


For this problem, Xiao Bian found the answer from the family drinking small knowledge base.


soft water can inhibit the fungus. Occurrence of skin trauma, frostbite, burns and the like when the accident, after the first use soft water wash the affected area, and to soft water wet cotton, gauze, a towel, graze the affected area, rapid healing, and the edema due to burns immediately disappear, this is due to the soft water has the effect of promoting tissue regeneration. shampoo is often used make soft hair soft, flowing, dandruff antipruritic, astringent does not dry, natural hair sheen.


However, the working principle of the water softener is exchanged water calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions, thereby reducing the water hardness, but will increase the sodium content in water; plus water softener is used a polymer compound filter resin or the like, will impact on water quality, drinking water can not be softened. By the same token, do not use it for cooking.


need to be reminded that, although the water softener is a good helper family, but you have to know how water softeners knowledge of routine maintenance, or once a fault, then the distress will follow.




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